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Ark Pushchair

Client – Ark Pushchairs 

Website –

Ventz Product Designed By D2M

Client – Ventz

Website –

Veglo Designed By D2M

Client – Veglo Commuter X4 

Website –

Air Motion

Client – Air Motion

Success Stories

Ark Pushchairs – Stocked online and in major retailers including John Lewis.

Veglo – Was bought by retail giant Oxford Products

Ventz – Sold in major retailers worldwide. Ventz has featured on BBC Radio 2’s Simon Mayo Drive-Time Show. Ventz has been approached by Charley Boorman about using Ventz in the filming of his next television programme.

Air Motion – Sold over 70,000 units! Online retailers such as Amazon, Look Fantastic and Direct Hair Beauty stock this product.

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Client – Couch Coaster

Website –

CORE Lighting

Client – Core Lighting

Website –

R1 Push Golf Trolley

Client – Stewart Golf

Website –

Avery Paper Cutters

Client – Avery

Website –


CouchCoaster – Launched in 2016 and is now being sold internationally through a network of store and online distributors.

R1 Push Golf Trolley – It’s stunning aesthetic design has ensured rave reviews in major golfing magazines. Stocked worldwide, the R1 push continues to outsell many other comparatively priced and even lower priced models from competing manufacturers.

CORE Lighting – has an innovative new product to add to its range. Since launching two years ago, the TablePoint has been hired to provide effective atmospheric and safety lighting for indoor and outdoor venues across Europe.

Avery Paper Cutters – Reduction in cost price across all products. Key listings achieved with major national accounts. Increase in margin due to improved feature set leading to increased RRP.

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Cosyglo dark

Client – CosyGlo

Black Pavara Sink Tidy

Client – Pavara – Sink Tidy

Website –

Milk Monster

Client – Milk Monster

Omnio Pushchair

Client – Omnio Pushchair

Client Awards

Cosyglo – Best Baby & Toddler Gear 2016
Winner – Best Baby Essential at the Little London Awards

Milk Monster – GOLD award in European Design Awards. Milk Monster has exhibited at the Harrogate Nursery fair where it won the Innovation Award.

Pavara Sink Tidy – A Design Award in the Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Category 2017

Omnio Pushchair – A multiple award-winning innovative stroller.

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Riut Rucksack

Client – Riut Commuter Rucksack

Website –

MealKitt Designed By D2M

Client – MealKitt

Website –

Trivae Designed By D2M

Client – Trivae

Website –


Client – Magnetips

Website –

Funding Raised on Kickstarter

D2M has helped clients raise money for their innovative products through online platforms such as Kickstarter 

Riut Rucksack – Raised £158,098

Trivae – Raised £ 43,931

MealKitt – Raised £ 19,731

Magnetips – Raised £435,745

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