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Turn your brilliant concept into market-ready products. Our product design services in Leicestershire assist UK companies in creating, developing and patenting profitable products.

Deliver exceptional products and experiences that bring value to users

Product design can be a game-changer for businesses in today’s highly competitive market. A well-designed product can improve user experience, enhance brand reputation and drive profitability.

At Design 2 Market, we support startups and enterprises with the tools, technology and people to succeed. Through careful product testing and prototyping, our designers help validate ideas, test hypotheses and manage commercial risks. Our ultimate objective is to develop investment-ready products that tackle real-world challenges.



Our Design and Development Process Involves:


Guarantee products are market viable before launching. We’ll identify potential issues, make adjustments and ensure products are of the highest calibre.

Design Protection

Skilled lawyers protect your intellectual property from being copied or stolen through patenting, design registration, trademark registration or copyrighting.


Expert designers help you locate trusted suppliers for materials and parts, compare quotes and advise on which manufacturer to use.

Product Testing

Multiple tests are performed to optimise product performance and effectiveness across different users and circumstances. We’ll also help you obtain the necessary certifications and meet compliance.

Benefits of Product Design

Product design plays a crucial role in the success of a product and a business. Here are some key benefits of our product design services in Leicestershire:

Enhances product functionality: Design intuitive, easy-to-use products that seamlessly perform their intended functions.

Increases customer satisfaction: Well-designed products result in positive reviews, repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals.

Reduces production costs: Identify potential issues early in the development process to avoid costly manufacturing mistakes.

Boosts brand image: Improve the overall image of your brand with modern, innovative and customer-focused products.

Ensure compliance: Thorough testing reduces the risk of non-compliance and potential legal issues.


Why Choose Design 2 Market

At Design 2 Market, we understand that product design is critical to business success. With 12 years of industry experience, our team has the knowledge and expertise to turn your ideas into successful products. We use proven design practices to test, iterate and refine your concept, resulting in a solution that meets business goals and delights customers.

See If We’re the Right Fit

Effective product design attracts and retains customers, increases sales and provides a competitive edge. Contact Design 2 Market today to discover how we can turn your concept into a resounding success.


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Specialist Product Innovation Consultancy.

We design, develop, and prototype your concept and then can go on to source manufacturers and support into production.

If you’re based in and around Leicestershire, UK, let our highly experienced, creative design team develop your idea into a market ready product. We work closely with Chartered Attorneys, test houses and product marketing partners in and around Leicestershire to support from concept to market.

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