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We work with clients in and around Cardiff to design, prototype, source manufacturers for innovative products. Based in nearby in Cheltenham, D2M is an ideal product development partner to bring your new product to life!

For more than a dozen years we have been helping creatives in Cardiff realise their dreams and bring their products to market. We cover all aspects of design, manufacturing and marketing of the product while also providing ironclad protection of your idea from first contact through to launch.

Every member of our product development team is a highly skilled professional chosen by us for their integrity, imagination, attention to detail and commitment to delivering for our clients. When necessary we work with hand-picked 3rd party players who have been rigorously vetted and proven trustworthy through their actions. You can be certain your IP is never in danger.

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D2M Company Values

Honesty – we’re inventors ourselves and have been at this quite a while. From the very beginning, we’ve been committed to a policy of honesty at every level. For our money, it’s the only way to go when it comes to product development. Therefore, if we believe your idea has legs we will burn the midnight oil to ensure the best possible version of your idea winds up on the shelf. If on the other hand, we assess that your idea needs more work or is simply untenable, we’ll tell you that too.

Collaboration – the last thing you want is for the company that’s supposed to be working with you to get your product to market to take your idea and disappear. That won’t ever happen when you work with D2M. We’re all about collaboration, building lasting relationships and keeping the lines of communication open. After all, no one knows an idea better than the person who came up with it (that would be you). So freezing that person out of the development process would only hamstring our own efforts.

Innovation – the 21st century is all about thinking outside the box. If a product or service is to thrive in our hyper-connected, 24-hour economy it has to be able to capture the imagination of the consumer, and you can’t do that by rehashing old ideas and old ways of doing things. Our development team members were hand-picked by us for their razor-sharp minds and their ability to see opportunities where others see only obstacles.

Integrity – your idea is everything. You need to know that when you enlist the services of a product development team that they’re not simply looking for ways to pry your idea from you. When you enlist the services of D2M you can rest easy knowing that the company you’re working with has a rock-solid reputation for integrity. That reputation is built on our 12-year history of helping scores of creatives just like yourself bring their idea to life. The way we see it, your success is our success. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our Services – we cover every aspect of the product development cycle beginning with concept feasibility and extending all the way through to prototyping, manufacturing and product launch. Our experience and expertise enables us to avoid many of the pitfalls that stop others in their tracks.

If honesty, transparency and integrity are qualities you’re looking for in a collaborator you owe it to yourself and your idea to contact the team at D2M.

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One of our senior design engineers will call to discuss your project, your requirements and the value we add. Once we fully appreciate the details we can provide a detailed project plan.

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Every year tens of thousands of new products make their way onto store shelves real and virtual throughout the world. If your product is to stand tall in such a crowded, competitive marketplace you need to work with a product development team with a proven record of success. That’s D2M.

Don’t let another day pass wondering what could be. Get in touch with D2M today and set your idea on a collision course with success.


Specialist Product Innovation Consultancy.

We design, develop, and prototype your concept and then can go on to source manufacturers and support into production.

If you’re based in and around Cardiff, UK, let our highly experienced, creative design team develop your idea into a market ready product. We work closely with Chartered Attorneys, test houses and product marketing partners in and around Cardiff to support from concept to market.

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