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We are an approachable company of innovation specialists who are passionate about helping people develop, protect and profit from their projects.

About us

We are passionate about product development and seeing concepts reach their potential. D2M is a well-regarded product design consultancy with over 10 years experience  of developing, prototyping and manufacturing products across a range of industry sectors.

What we do

D2M offers professional expertise and a bespoke blend of services to  develop your idea, taking into account your aspirations and budget. In combination with our carefully selected partner companies, we offer a complete design to market service, including patent drafting and filing by our network of trusted Chartered Patent Attorneys, creation of prototypes, design for production using professional Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software and support through the early stage of production in this country, the EU or the Far East. We can help you launch and hopefully profit from, your idea no matter the current stage of development.

Why we do what we do

We think that new product ideas should be given the best opportunity to reach their potential. Launching a new product idea is a tricky process and D2M was founded to create a one-stop shop to help people through this maze. It is an exciting and interesting field and the thought of helping the next James Dyson to launch their innovative new product is compelling.

Meet the team

D2M has a superb team of Product Design Engineers and Prototyping specialists.

Phil Staunton - Managing Director

Phil Staunton
Managing Director

Hannah Staunton - Commercial Manager

Hannah Staunton
Commercial Manager

Richard Chapman - New Business Manager

Richard Chapman
New Business Manager

Meryl Wade - Administrator

Meryl Wade

Grace Hart - Marketing Executive

Grace Hart
Marketing Executive

Brodie Willis - Senior Product Designer

Brodie Willis
Senior Product Designer

Emma Charlesworth
Senior Product Designer

Sarah Brand
Senior Product Designer

Pavel Stankevich
Senior Product Designer

Hellen Rayner - Senior Textile Designer

Hellen Rayner
Senior Textile Designer

Richard Bryant - Finance

Richard Bryant

Olivia Textile Designer

Olivia Northcote
Textile Designer

Kevin Staunton - Finance

Kevin Staunton

Expert Innovation Consultants

We are experts in product development

D2M works predominantly with small businesses and start-ups who require support to bring new product concepts to market. We are experts in product development and, with our partner companies, provide a complete approach to innovation development involving the services of marketing specialists, researchers, patent attorneys and external brand consultants. We offer product design, textile product development, prototyping and manufacture, established in an ethos of integrity and honesty. Our unique focus is reducing client risk: achieved by an expansive understanding of product development in a cost-effective manner. We produce bespoke development plans tackling key risk areas early in the process. Our exceptional team of experienced designers and engineers regularly produce further Intellectual Property whilst developing a project, all of which belongs to the client. We have superb, trusted manufacturing contacts in the UK, EU and Far East and have cultivated relationships with high-level retail buyers across Europe and the US to ensure that our clients’ products have the best chance of success in the marketplace.

Why D2M is the right choice for you

Our profile – vast experience in helping our clients develop and produce successful, patented products.  We are a practical hands-on development company, with extensive prototyping facilities. 

Our team – our team has extensive experience and knowledge, with a huge range of skill-sets, from textile product development and mechanical design to sourcing and product promotion.

Our integrity – we guarantee honest feedback throughout the process.

Our values – We are committed to ensuring the confidentiality of your idea. We work with Chartered Patent Attorneys who will guarantee to give you an honest opinion on how to patent your idea and whether it is worth proceeding with the concept.  All the Intellectual Property around the concept remains yours even if we add further protectable features to your concept.

IP network – partnered with a network of patent attorneys for registering designs, UK patents and International Patent Applications.

Why not book a meeting to discuss your project?

If you would like to discuss your project with us then simply contact us to book a convenient time slot that suits you.

We will be pleased to offer our best advice over the phone or via video call. We will always sign a confidentiality agreement first.

Let’s talk about your project

Click here if you’d like to tell us more about a project you want to start, using our quick online form (which includes our NDA), and our expert team will contact you to book a FREE consultation!

At D2M we are all about supporting you and offering the right advice at every stage of your product development journey.

New to product development?

If you’re new to product development and want to find out more, we’ve written lots of helpful articles on funding, commercial viability, the development process and much more. Have a read here

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