D2M is a leading UK product design company that specialises in helping start-ups and SME's achieve commercial success with new ideas through expert product design. We help our clients develop, protect, manufacture and profit from innovative new product ideas.

We have developed hundreds of products across a wide range of industry sectors including mother & baby, sport, therapy, kitchenware and pets to name a few! We’re a team of talented product and soft goods designers who bring creativity, expertise and knowledge to every project that we work on. Oh, and by the way, you can expect excellent communication, rapid delivery of stages and complete transparency as standard.

The perfect balance of technical and aesthetic design resulting in functionally better and beautiful products that your customers will love.

D2M have designed, prototyped, manufactured and launched our own product range, so we understand the whole journey and the commercial realities involved.

Our team partners with you and is focused on what matters to you - developing commercially successful products. (We’re not just after winning design awards.)

Our unique development process manages the risk and maximises your chance of successful product launch by utilising integrated market research

An ingenious, highly experienced team that bring innovation and creative thinking to every stage. (We don’t employ junior designers)

Working with D2M you don’t just get experienced designers, you get a network of professionals who can support with product launch, production, patenting and more.

prototyping products
3D printing product prototypes
prototyping new ideas

D2M offers professional expertise and a bespoke blend of services to  develop your idea, taking into account your aspirations and budget. In combination with our carefully selected partner companies, we offer a complete design to market service, including patent drafting and filing by our network of trusted Chartered Patent Attorneys, creation of prototypes, design for production using professional Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software and support through the early stage of production in this country, the EU or the Far East. We can help you launch and hopefully profit from, your idea no matter the current stage of development. 

Our exceptional team of experienced designers and engineers regularly produce further Intellectual Property whilst developing a project, all of which belongs to the client. We have superb, trusted manufacturing contacts in the UK, EU and Far East and have cultivated relationships with high-level retail buyers across Europe and the US to ensure that our clients’ products have the best chance of success in the marketplace.

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We’re a team of talented, creative, product and textile product designers. We bring creative flair, anchored in functional design, to every project. Meet the team by watching the video or click the button below for more details about skillsets, experience and sector knowledge.

Our Values


Honesty and integrity are vital. We’re never afraid of asking the hard questions or giving an honest opinion. We break down every project into manageable stages and our clients work directly with their designer.  


We are hands-on people who are always problem-solving and seeking to generate and nurture our client’s intellectual property. We help to transform ideas into intelligent, beautiful products. 


Product development requires collaboration to succeed. We work closely with our clients and our network of excellent third party suppliers at every stage of the development process.


From the outset we openly share our knowledge and expertise of the product development process.  We’ll happily talk about the lessons we learned bringing our own products to market.

Our Story

D2M was founded by Phil Staunton in 2010 out of a desire to support business founders with new product ideas from inception through to launch. Back then almost all product design companies only offered product development services. Very few firms supported their clients with: sourcing, production, marketing, Intellectual Property protection, quality control or any of the other vital steps of the product development and launch journey.

To provide this complete idea to launch process, we have built up a network of professionals who are experts in their field and also share our values. We integrate these expert services within our unique, bespoke process where they will add the most value to the project.

D2M continued to evolve our product design and development services, staying one step ahead of the pack. 

We also put our money where our mouth is and developed our own range of products, some of which launched with John Lewis. Founder, Phil Staunton, now splits his time between continuing to run D2M and supporting business founders through all stages of developing and selling a new product drawing on his personal experience prototyping, manufacturing, marketing and selling a travel system and pushchair accessories range. A lot of our clients find this experience invaluable in developing their own to market strategy.

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Expert Knowledge

We’re all about helping companies, startups and entrepreneurs to succeed with designing new products.

Get your hands on some of our carefully crafted videos, pdfs and podcasts. If you want to successfully develop and launch a new product idea then click the images to discover more about these free, instantly available resources.

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