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Turn your brilliant concept into market-ready products. Our product design services in Worcestershire assist UK companies in creating, developing and patenting profitable products.

End-to-End Product Design in Worcestershire

From concept ideation through design optimisation and product release, the experienced professionals at D2M ensure that the final product meets all industry standards. We understand the complexities of product development and use innovative methods to provide faster time to market with lower total costs.

We offer support throughout the entire process of design in Worcestershire so you can rest assured that your project is handled correctly and efficiently. With our expertise, you don’t have to worry about any unexpected delays or costly errors during development.


The Process

D2M offers six core solutions for clients. Continue reading to understand what happens during each phase.

Concept Development

We begin the process by getting a bigger picture of your product objectives, user requirements and market research.

Product Styling

During this phase, we consider user experience and design aesthetics to create a fully functional product design that meets all customer needs.

Design Visualisation

We use rapid prototyping and 3D visualisation tools to create a virtual product design model. This helps us quickly identify potential problems and connect any gaps in the product development process.

Prototype Design

A detailed prototype accurately tests the functionality and design of the product. This helps us ensure that all safety regulations are met and customer needs are satisfied.

Integrated Electronics
We use the latest electronic engineering techniques to integrate the necessary electronics into the design. This ensures that all product components are compatible and work together as intended.

Design Engineering

We use the latest design engineering techniques and tools to optimise product performance, improve usability and ergonomics, reduce manufacturing costs and meet quality standards.

Collaborate with D2M

At D2M, our end-to-end product design services ensure that your products can reach their full potential in the market with minimal delays or costly errors. Coming up with a great idea is already a challenge in itself, but with us, we’ll do the rest of the work for you.

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