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D2M is passionate about product design and has been developing innovative concepts for over 10 years. Read more below about our unique idea development process.

Product Design is a crucial part of the process of turning a concept into a desirable, manufacturable product that can be produced in volume. D2M has an expert team of engineering, textile and consumer product designers who can do this for your concept and also ensure that your new product has the best chance of commercial success. We cover a broad range of market sectors including: mother & baby; sports and leisure; consumer and mechanical products. 

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The product development process is quite involved and includes: research, ergonomics, styling development, brand consideration, sizing, engineering, material consideration and design for manufacture to name just some parts of the process. Our team are experienced in all of these areas and you can find out more about the designers here: D2M’s Team

D2M’s design process is uniquely focused on 2 main elements: ensuring that the design is protectable and developing a concept presentation for minimum capital risk while still ensuring that the concept has been designed diligently and professionally.  We are unique in that our design engineers work alongside Chartered Patent Attorneys to ensure cohesive design development and patent protection. This makes D2M the number 1 choice for entrepreneurs or established businesses where strong IP protection is crucial to a successful product launch.

D2M offers a free consultation and quotation if it’s a project we are able take on. Why not fill in our contact form to find out if we can help you develop your product?

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If you are looking for a UK based product design company, then get in touch with us today. We look forward to helping you design, prototype and launch your new product.

The price of product development varies as we tailor the process to meet your requirements. It is best to call us or set up a free consultation to discuss this but, to give an indication, it is likely to cost upwards of £5000 depending on the complexity of the product and detail of the presentation.

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