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Product Development

Product Development is a process of turning an idea into a desirable, manufacturable product that has the best chance of success in the marketplace. D2M has an expert team of engineering, textile and consumer product designers who can do this for your concept. We cover a broad range of market sectors including: mother & baby; medical; consumer; sports equipment; underwater and mechanical products. We have particular success in the mother and baby sector with superb contacts of retail buyers in this market segment. Read more about our case studies…

The Process

The product development process is quite involved and includes: research, ergonomics, styling development, brand consideration, sizing, engineering, material consideration and design for manufacture to name just some parts of the process. Our team are experienced in all of these areas and you can find out more about the designers here: D2M’s Team

D2M’s design process is uniquely focused on 2 main elements: ensuring that the design is protectable and developing a concept presentation for minimum capital risk while still ensuring that the concept has been designed diligently and professionally.  We are unique in that our design engineers work alongside Chartered Patent Attorneys to ensure cohesive design development and patent protection. This makes D2M the number 1 choice for entrepreneurs or established businesses where strong IP protection is crucial to a successful product launch.

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The Cost of Product Development

The price of product development varies as we tailor the process to meet your requirements. It is best to call us or set up a free consultation to discuss this but, to give an indication, it is likely to cost upwards of £800 depending on the complexity of the product and detail of the presentation.

D2M’s Design Services

  • Feasibility Assessment

    Assessing various factors to ensure that your project is worthwhile pursuing. Technology, materials, likely product cost and production are all likely factors to be considered. What it will do for you – Reassurance that it is worth continuing to develop and protect your concept.

  • Patent Search

    Our expert team of trained patent researchers and Chartered Attorneys will search and report on whether your idea appears novel and therefore potentially patentable. What it will do for you – Provide vital information and guidance on whether your idea has already been patented.

  • Concept Development

    Our professional design team will develop your idea through excellent sketch or initial computer aided design work. What it will do for you – Bring your idea to life with product visualisations which consider materials and production. This will further your Intellectual Property.

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)

    Using industry standard CAD software your idea will be developed in 3D on the computer. The resulting model can be viewed from all angles and then photorealistic visuals will be produced to demonstrate how your concept is likely to look in production. What it will do for you – Develop your concept into a professional product design that is viable to produce.

  • Patent Drawings

    This stage produces the images that are necessary for your patent application.

  • Prototyping

    Turn the concept sketches or CAD model into real 3D object to really inspire investors, buyers or potential licensees. There is nothing like having a real prototype to demonstrate your product. What it will do for you – Produce a tangible model of your product for presentation. Learn more about prototyping here.

  • Sell Sheet

    Professional product presentation using the CAD model and photorealistic renders to demonstrate your product in use and highlight the key benefits. What it will do for you – Convey your product instantly and market its key features.

  • Design for Manufacture

    Refine the CAD model for the production techniques that will be used to manufacture your product. What it will do for you – Provide CAD files for manufacture.

  • Packaging Design

    Nothing looks as impressive or as professional to buyers as a sample product in packaging ready to go on the shelves. We can design a box, poly bag header or card hanger to demonstrate a potential packaging solution to retailers.

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