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We work with clients in and around Birmingham to design, prototype, source manufacturers for innovative product ideas. Based in the Midlands, D2M is an ideal product development partner to bring your new product idea to life!

Our Values

Honesty – we have no interest in stringing people along to create billable hours. If we believe in your idea we’ll tell you and go to the mat for you. Conversely, if we feel your idea does not have a future as it is currently constituted, we’ll tell you that too. We firmly believe that honest, real-world feedback benefits everyone.

Innovation – research indicates that upwards of 30,000 new products reach Western consumers each and every year. If an idea is to make its presence felt in such a crowded marketplace it needs to embody innovative thinking. We make the most of new materials, processes, technologies and marketing techniques.

Trustworthiness – it’s almost impossible to put a value on a great idea. For that reason, you need to be absolutely sure the product development team you work with can be trusted. We have been helping creative people bring their ideas to life for more than 12 years and have an impressive portfolio of successes.

Partnership – our job is to help you make the most of your idea and we can’t do that if we shut you out of the development process. To work with D2M is to embrace the idea of a true partnership where the lines of communication are always open and everyone is rowing in the same direction from Day 1.

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Getting Things Started

To get the ball rolling, fill out the contact form on our website, indicate which type of consultation you would be most comfortable with and tell us whether you need us to sign an NDA.

The Consultation – a Senior Design Engineer will be in touch via your preferred method (Skype, face-to-face etc.) to get a clearer picture of what’s involved so that they can create a project proposal.

Receive a Quotation – based on the consultation a proposal will be created that includes a detailed timeline and estimated costs. Should changes be necessary, they will be made at this stage.

Commencement – after signing the final project agreement development of your product officially commences.

Why Choose Us

There’s no substitute for experience: Anyone can read up on the process of developing a product and bringing it to market. But reading about it and actually doing it are 2 very different things. You want to be sure your idea is in the hands of reputable people who have a track record of putting outstanding products on the shelf. With more than 12 years of real-world experience that’s D2M in a nutshell.

Wide-ranging expertise: When we put together the product development team at D2M we looked for individuals who brought different types of expertise to the table. As a result, we have an unparalleled degree of flexibility as a company. The project leader in any given instance is always the person who is best qualified to handle the type of product envisioned by the inventor.

Trusted partners: The person or company you task with shepherding your product from drawing board to store shelf is only as reliable as the third-party professionals they work with. In our more than 12 years we have developed close working relationships with Chartered Patent Attorneys who have proven their trustworthiness and overall dependability.

Our commitment to our clients: Our goal is to be the go-to product development resource for inventors in Birmingham. For that reason, we take the long view with every project. If we believe your product has a future we will go the extra mile for you at every stop. Likewise, if we believe your idea needs more work we’ll tell you upfront, rather than trying to string you along for our own short-term gain.

You can trust the team at D2M to always have your best interests at heart.


Highly experienced UK Product Innovation consultancy based nr. Birmingham in the Midlands.

We are passionate about bringing new product ideas to life! We design, develop, and prototype your concept and then can go on to source manufacturers and support into production.

If you’re a business based in and around Birmingham, UK, let our Midlands based UK design team develop your idea into a market ready product whilst helping you manage your commercial risk.  We also work closely with Chartered Attorneys, test houses and product marketing partners in and around Birmingham to offer advice on the complete journey from concept to market. Our constantly improving process is focussed on maximising the chance of success for your concept.

See below to find out more about some of our client’s successful product innovations

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If you are looking for a UK based product design company, then get in touch with us today. We look forward to helping you design, prototype and launch your new product.
Choosing a product design company

All the secrets, tips and tricks to finding the right product design partner.

Download D2M's PDF guide now and say goodbye to costly missteps and wasted R&D funds.

Secrets, tips & tricks to finding the right product design partner.

Download D2M's PDF guide now and say goodbye to costly missteps and wasted R&D funds.

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We’re all about helping companies, startups and entrepreneurs to succeed with designing new products.

Get your hands on some of our carefully crafted videos, pdfs and podcasts. If you want to successfully develop and launch a new product idea then click the images to discover more about these free, instantly available resources.

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