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You’re the Ideas Person. The Start-Up Founder. The Project Manager. The Head of Product.

You do a lot.

But you’re not alone.

I walk this same path every single day, and I’ve gone through the stages of wondering why I’m constantly burnt out, unhappy, and uninspired even after growing my business launching my product, winning countless awards and landing a high-street retailer.

The truth is, the balancing act of being an ideas person and business founder is unique, and not many will understand it.

That’s why every week, each email from The Confessions of a Product Designer will share personal stories and lessons to inspire you to build a business and develop a product that gains commercial success without burning you out.

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What will you learn:


How to ensure that your product market fit to honed to perfection.

Phil Staunton, Expert Product Designer

20 years experience in product development working with companies like Bosch, Manfrotto, Survitec and Heineken to bring new product ideas to market. My work with these businesses, as well as hundreds of start-ups, on early stage feasibility right through to managing batch production, has helped me refine a unique, effective pencil to profit product development process.

I’ve lectured on Product Innovation, UK manufacturing and Prototyping Ideas at Cambridge University and EU summits alongside MEPs. Over the years I’ve helped design several million pound products and launched my own product range with high-street retail giant, John Lewis.


Genius Alert!!! Phil is one of the best start-up consultants you find out there. In contrast to all other start-up consultants you will encounter, Phil has first-hand experience of what it means to raise start-up funding, build the team and navigate the highs and lows of the start-ups.
Pankaj Kale
Phil has a tremendous amount of experience in bringing physical product ideas to market as well as establishing his own brand. He’s a fountain of knowledge! I worked with Phil which resulted in the successful launch of my first two ideas that have become world-wide best-sellers.
Barry Freeder

Why I created this weekly bulletin

Having worked with entrepreneurs and small businesses for nearly 15 years, I started my own product development journey and realised how much more there was to learn.

It took me a LONG time, and I made a lot of mistakes along the way. I spoke to countless industry experts and other people on the same journey. I read every book & watched every YouTube video I could get my hands on.

I even hired six different professional salespeople to help craft my approach to retailers. And while I’ve learned an incredible amount, I’ve also come to understand something: it doesn’t have to be that complicated.

Out of everything I’ve learned, only a few things — less than 20% — really matter.

The problem is that nobody offers to teach you those few key things, and only those few key things. To really master making money out of your new ideas, you either have to spend a ton of time or a ton of money (or both) learning more than you need to, or doing it and failing a few times before you start to get it right.

Until now.

Over the past few months, I’ve been working on distilling those key lessons into this weekly bulletin.

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