From pub chef to successful entrepreneur

Discover how Anthony O’Ferrall developed and launched this highly successful new product (Equerry Shoe Polisher) and transformed his career!

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About the guide

From its humble beginnings as a vision in a designer’s mind, to its eventual transformation into a highly sought-after product that sold 30,000 units in its first year and is continuing to go from strength to strength, this case study is an unmissable opportunity to see the product design process up close and personal.

A concept to a creation

From the initial spark of inspiration to the final product, our team of experts took the innovative idea behind the Equerry shoeshining device and turned it into a reality. In this case study, we’ll take you through the development process and show you how we brought this product to life. You’ll see how we designed, prototyped, tested and manufactured the device, and how we overcame any challenges along the way.

The Journey

From Idea to Production

Turning an idea into a business

Discover the key steps that led to this product selling 30,000 units in its first year and continuing to see growth. Watch as the team at D2M navigates the challenges of product development, bringing their vision to life through successful Kickstarter funding and expertly executing a successful launch.


Learn important product development lessons

This case study is not just a fascinating story of how a product comes to be, it’s a valuable resource for anyone looking to bring their own product ideas to market. Get a glimpse into the design and manufacturing process and see the attention to detail that goes into creating a successful product.

Client Testimonials

"I have had the most amazing experience with Phil and he's team. After a long frustrating journey of spending money unnecessarily, and wondering if the people around me truly had my best interests at heart. I can safely say that now I have found the right way forward."
Sanjeev Kalia
Phil Lee
“An excellent company with an enthusiastic, informed and supportive team. I cannot speak highly enough of Phil and his team and would definitely recommend them if you have an idea you want to pursue.”
Sanjeev Kalia
“We have been impressed with the minimum viable product approach to product development. Whilst a lot of companies like to say they adopt this process we have seen first-hand how D2M embody this in their product development”
Amrit Kalher

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Cultural Fit & Trust

You’re taking a big risk developing a new product, and the project is likely to span 6-12+ months. You need a partner that you get along well with and that you trust to give you honest answers. Cultural fit might not seem like n obvious crtieria but actually can make a huge difference to how the project runs.


Experience and Skills

An experienced product designer or engineer is trained on how to develop a new product from concept to manufacture. Newly qualified designers are unlikely to have the experience of the whole process that you need. Look for a portfolio showing a range of products now in production and check the experience of the actual designer you will be working with.


Project Management

Managing your product development, budget, and timeline can be a full-time job. Especially if there are multiple companies involved in developing a product that requires electronics and an app for example. Project managers use processes to minimise risk during development and are tech-savvy enough to communicate clearly with both the design team and you. However, you might prefer to deal directly with your designers and avoid the risk of Chinese whispers.

The pdf guide is full of useful information like this, to help you make the right decision about your product design partner. 

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We’ll show you the nitty gritty behind validating a product concept, performing market research, prototyping, developing, testing and launching your idea. Watch the Equerry case study, to see every step of the process, from concept to manufacture, and understand how a great idea became a thriving business.