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We have built a fantastic team and network of partner companies in order to be able to support you throughout the product development process and improve the chances of you successfully profiting from your project.

  • Feasibility Assessment

    Research into existing technologies, costings, patentable elements and likely overall development costs. Proposing a sensible route forward to continue to prove the concept while attempting to minimise financial investment.

  • Concept Exploration

    Working with your vision for the product, our team will fully explore the idea and attempt to define a future direction for the project including creative thinking around further functionality or features. Often we come up with new IP for your idea that can become part of your patent or registered design.

  • Patent Searching

    Working with our partner Patent Attorney firms. Global, multiple database searching to provide reassurance before developing your concept further. Complete with a detailed analysis table to ensure that results can be interpreted and the design direction modified accordingly.

CAD Modelling
  • CAD Modelling

    Detailed design development whilst always considering the effect on the unit and tooling costs of the design decisions taken. Advanced surface modelling and value engineering where and when necessary.

  • Prototyping

    From developing an initial 3D, tangible model of the idea, which allows the concept to be assessed, informing the ongoing development and highlighting the key areas for improvement to producing beautifully finished presentation models to wow investors.

  • Electronics Integration

    Working hand in hand with trusted electronics providers with expertise in developing electronics including: remote-controlled devices, app development, sensor arrays and induction charging.

It’s In Our DNA.

Textile Design Services
  • Design For Compliance

    Working with expert test houses we can help ensure compliance to a range of EU, BRITISH and US standards as well as CE marking.

  • Textile Product Development

    Utilising our onsite workshops equipped with industrial sewing equipment for handling multi layered technical textiles, we can design, prototype and put into production a wide range of textiles products. We are particularly proficient at developing rucksacks.

  • Product Styling

    We love to style products and make them beautiful, using refined details, texture and texture change, unexpected materials and exploration of colour.

  • Branding and Packaging

    We know that brand is key to success in the marketplace and we work with a specialist graphic designer with excellent skills in developing striking product brands and packaging solutions.

  • Rendering and Animation

    Producing stunning visuals for website, brochures and sales presentations through our multimedia agency partners.

  • Protecting Your IP

    Working with our partner Patent & Trademark Attorney firm to gain broad but effective IP protection on your product, both within the UK and abroad.

Sourcing Manufacturers
  • Market Research

    Competitor research and market assessments conducted through our partner firms experienced in thorough and pertinent market research.

  • Crowdfunding

    We produce engaging video storyboards and have a number of videography partners to produce the right video for your pitch. We then partner with another company for creating and managing the campaign.

  • Sourcing Manufacturers

    Producing detailed production specifications and then tendering your product to a range of tried and tested manufacturing partners.

  • Sampling

    Working with you and our manufacturing partners to ensure that your concept is faithfully produced in volume, for retail, adhering to relevant standards.

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