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How to put your project into production

D2M can help find a manufacturing partner for your project as we have excellent partnerships with superb UK and Far East manufacturers. We are not tied to a single Far East production facility and therefore can often deliver higher cost savings to you over design firms who only work with one supplier. Our design team has a proven track record of developing your concept for cost-effective tooling and production. We offer Production services where we: detail a manufacturing specification; approach alternative manufacturers to quote for the project and then complete a detailed production report with suggestions of a chosen manufacturer.


UK or Far East manufacturing?

Where possible, D2M tries to suggest good UK suppliers for manufacturing your product. However, it is often the case that UK companies have to charge substantially more for tooling and production of the units. This often means our clients have little choice but to use Far East manufacturing when launching a new product on a tight budget. It is sometimes the case that a UK manufacturer cannot be found at all to produce the product, and this is often the case with textile-based items.

Using a sourcing agent

D2M often suggests using a sourcing agent when manufacturing in the Far East for the first time. This does cost slightly more but in return you get the peace of mind that you are dealing with a UK registered company. The sourcing agent takes responsibility for ensuring
the quality of the product and handles the international transfer of funds. It is still important that the agent receives a detailed brief and often we can acquire a better price for you if we approach them first to cost the project. D2M work with several different sourcing agents who have specific expertise in certain product sectors.

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