Health & Beauty Product Design

D2M is the leading UK product design agency for developing and prototyping health and beauty products

At D2M we have over a decade of experience developing health and beauty products for many clients. We are exceptionally skilled in the design and prototyping of health and beauty products, ranging from massage products, recovery sportswear, cold therapy products and even a make-up brush cleaner.

Design of health products have improved in many ways over the years. The demand is greater than ever particularly in the market for products to assist old age living. Innovation in this sector is particularly necessary and is a particular passion for D2M as we see products we’ve designed with our clients improving people’s lives. We’ve worked with companies to develop wheelchairs (manual and electric); patient turning devices; products to aid calorie control and products using cold therapy to aid recovery from operations. Find out more:

Development of Health Products

Beauty Product Development involves a critical combination of aesthetics, eye for detail, design to fit branding and stunning materials and finishes. D2M’s senior design team have developed various beauty products from hairbrushes to make-up brush cleaners. Find out more:

Design of beauty products

Recovery Product Design involves particular empathy and  understanding of the needs of a vulnerable user and their specific requirements. Find out more:

Recovery Product Design

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