Design of Recovery Products

An introduction to designing recovery products for health issues and sports recovery.

Health care demands have increased dramatically in recent decades and show no sign of stopping. With the introduction of major changes in the management of health problems and the ageing population health care costs have spiralled. Today, there is a greater need than ever for innovation in all areas of health care including recovery products.

D2M have been involved in the design of various recovery products for a range of clients. Some approach this problem from a sports perspective but equally as valid is the development of recovery products that aid the recovery of patients from illness or operations.

Physio Lab Cryotherapy Range

The product pictured is for an SME called PhysioLabs who developed a recovery product initially aimed at healthcare but then found a growing and receptive market in the higher tiers of professional sport. The product previously had been engineered rather than designed and so D2M was tasked with restyling the product as well as reducing the overall bulk and bringing in innovative materials, finishes and utilising new production opportunities. The product uses cooling therapy delivered by melting ice in water to aid recovery.

This project is a good example of the key requirements when designing a recovery product:

  1. Consideration of the target market and their specific needs.
  2. Limitations of your target market ergonomically due to the condition they are recovering from.
  3. The route to market – if through primary health trust this can be protracted and difficult but then these issues become a barrier to entry for competitor products.
  4. Necessary medical product certification.
  5. Legally of marketing claims.

Hydraform is a start-up business aimed at supporting athletes in both warm up and cool down. D2M were tasked to develop the prototypes for this innovative concept and also source appropriate manufacturing partners. The key elements to this product were the innovative design using technical textiles to best deliver both hot and cold therapy in specific areas in the sportsperson. 

D2m textile manufacturing

We’ve worked with a number of clients to bring innovative health and recovery products to the market. 

If you’ve got a project for a recovery product but don’t know how to go about developing it, contact us today and we can arrange a call to discuss it. 

If you would like to read more about product design in the health and beauty sector click here. 

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