HydraForm Sportswear, designed in collaboration with D2M, is revolutionising the world of athletic apparel by seamlessly integrating thermal applications to aid performance and recovery. The HydraForm Leggings, built upon the success of the HydraForm sportswear top, offer a comfortable and exclusive look and feel while providing enhanced functionality.

The Outcome

The HydraForm Leggings recently underwent a successful product launch campaign and are now available for purchase through the HydraForm website. https://www.hydraform.co.uk/ Athletes from various disciplines, including triathletes and endurance cyclists, have embraced HydraForm as an essential part of their training protocol. With hundreds of hours of athlete testing, feedback, and iterative design, the final product has been refined to provide an edge over the competition.

The Story

HydraForm Sportswear was established with the vision of creating sportswear that supports athletes’ goals throughout the training cycle. The development process began with the creation of a long sleeve sportswear performance top, followed by extensive testing and feedback from athletes across different disciplines. Leveraging manufacturing contacts in the Far East, multiple samples were produced, allowing direct collaboration with the manufacturer in China to perfect the design. Inspired by the success of the sportswear tops, the HydraForm Leggings were created, utilising the same high-quality materials for consistent performance and innovation.

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HydraForm Sportswear stands out with its patent-pending technology, combining form and function to optimise every workout session. Developed in collaboration with world-leading sports science and research experts, the sportswear offers athletes a superior performance experience. The HydraForm range includes leggings and accessories, providing comprehensive support throughout their training cycles.

HydraForm Sportswear has reimagined the world of performance wear, offering athletes a winning combination of technology, aesthetics, and functionality. With a commitment to continuous improvement, HydraForm strives to support athletes in achieving their athletic goals.

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