RedBack Knee Pads

RedBack, a leading innovator in workwear and PPE, partnered with D2M to develop a game-changing product: RedBack Kneepads. With a focus on user comfort and long-term knee protection, RedBack sought to create textile strapped pads that would convert their innovative polymer knee support into wearable, comfortable kneepads.

The Outcome

These kneepads provide exceptional comfort and safety in hazardous environments, offering penetration protection up to 16mm. With D2M’s help the RedBack Kneepads have successfully addressed the need for effective knee protection in the workwear and PPE sector.

The RedBack Kneepads are now available for purchase on the RedBacks website ( and through leading retailers such as Amazon, Toolstation, and Screwfix. The innovative design, coupled with the choice of soft flexible materials instead of foam, ensures optimal comfort and long-term knee protection for workers in various industries.

In April 2022, RedBacks Cushioning Ltd announced an exciting partnership with McAlpine & Co Ltd, granting a worldwide licence for the manufacture, distribution, and sales of their top-selling knee protection products. McAlpine & Co Ltd, renowned for their product quality and company legacy, brings extensive manufacturing expertise to further propel the success and reach of RedBack Kneepads.

The Story

The RedBacks team had the patent on the amazing leaf spring technology but they needed a design partner to collaborate with to create turn this into market leading products.

D2M worked closely with RedBacks to develop the Kneepad range and source manufacturers. The motivation behind this project was to create a textile strapped pad that could convert their innovative polymer knee support into a wearable and comfortable kneepad.

Recognising the importance of user comfort during both usage and movement, RedBack aimed to provide tradespeople with an effective solution to protect their knees while working in demanding conditions. D2M soft goods team rose to the challenge and this incredible range of kneepads was born.

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The development process involved conceptualising and prototyping the RedBack Kneepads. Multiple stages of prototype evaluation, feedback, and refinement were conducted by the D2M design team and RedBack. Extensive research was performed to identify suitable materials that would provide breathability, maneuverability, and durability under heavy use and abrasive conditions.


D2M sourced and obtained material samples for evaluation, producing several prototypes to ensure the optimal combination of materials and design. The final kneepad structure was integrated into the existing knee support, providing maximum comfort and maintaining strength even in mildly soiled conditions. The RedBack Kneepads conform to EN 13688 and EN 13758-1 standards, meeting the highest quality and safety requirements.

The collaboration between RedBack and D2M resulted in the development of the RedBack Kneepads, a workwear product that combines enhanced protection and comfort. They have been well-received in the market and have earned a reputation for their reliability and effectiveness in hazardous work environments. This resulted in a sale of the license to the product after several years of retail sales.


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