How much money can I make from my product idea?

Good design equals better sales and more margin

Some inventors develop products because they want to make a change in the world. Other people create groundbreaking products to take technology forward. But most entrepreneurs bring new products to market with the goal of generating a healthy profit. Whether you’re just looking to earn enough money to quit your day job, or want to […]


Thomod BRIEF The brief for Thomod was to develop the client’s initial concept for a 4-way furniture fixing into a manufacturable, working product. PROCESS Detailed Computer Aided Design modelling through a series of iterative improvements was essential to refining the core of the mechanical concept. The client had spent many hours sketching various designs and […]

RedBack Knee Pads

RedBack Knee Pads BRIEF To develop a textile strapped pad to convert their innovative polymer knee support into a wearable, comfortable kneepad. Understanding the importance of user comfort both during use and whilst worn but walking and standing. PROCESS The product was conceptualised and prototyped in-house at D2M with multiple stages of prototype evaluation, feedback […]

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