Thomod is an innovative furniture fixing solution designed to simplify the assembly process of flat pack furniture. Developed by Tom Fussey in collaboration with D2M, the project aimed to transform the client’s initial concept into a functional and manufacturable product.

The Outcome

The collaboration between Tom Fussey and the design engineers at D2M led to the creation of a final iteration CAD model that worked effectively when prototyped. The concept was brought to life through an animation showcasing its functionality and a product sell sheet illustrating potential uses. Additionally, a larger prototype was created for demonstration purposes.

The Story

Tom Fussey had spent countless hours sketching various designs and details of the Thomod mechanism before approaching D2M for their expertise in design for manufacture. The design engineers at D2M worked closely with Tom to incorporate his innovative thinking while ensuring the final concept was optimised for manufacturability. Through detailed Computer Aided Design (CAD) modeling and iterative improvements, the core mechanical concept was refined, resulting in an effective and efficient solution.

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Through a series of iterative improvements, the Thomod concept was meticulously refined using detailed CAD modelling and iterative prototyping. This process allowed the team to fine-tune the mechanical aspects of the design, ensuring its effectiveness and functionality. The collaboration between Tom and the D2M team resulted in a final iteration CAD model that exceeded expectations, demonstrating the effectiveness of their close partnership.

With the functional prototype in hand, D2M produced an animation that showcased the Thomod concept in action, highlighting its ease of use and practicality. A product sell sheet was also created, demonstrating the various potential applications of the Thomod furniture fixing solution. These materials caught the attention of decision-level buyers in high street retailers and distributors, generating significant interest in the product.

The dedication, collaboration, and attention to detail displayed throughout the design and development process have positioned Thomod as a promising solution in the furniture fixing sector.

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