Air Motion

Grange Snell, a successful entrepreneur, approached D2M with a revolutionary idea for a hairbrush that would effortlessly glide through hair using suspension technology. Dissatisfied with the prototype developed by Chinese manufacturers, Grange sought the expertise of D2M to bring his vision to life and create a high-quality hairbrush that met his expectations.

The Outcome

Through the collaboration between Grange Snell and D2M, Air Motion was created, transforming the haircare experience with its innovative design. With the support of D2M’s retail contacts in the UK, Grange sold over 20,000 units, showcasing the product’s growing popularity and success. Grange then successfully secured distribution deals across Europe and the US, solidifying Air Motion’s position as a leading hairbrush in the industry. The hairbrush gained significant market traction, with over 150,000 units sold globally.

The Story

Grange Snell’s quest for a hairbrush that effortlessly glides through hair led to the development of Air Motion. Disappointed with existing prototypes, Grange turned to D2M for their expertise in bringing innovative products to life. Through a collaborative design process, the hairbrush was refined and perfected, incorporating suspension technology to create a tangle-free and comfortable brushing experience.

The development process involved exploring shock-absorbing concepts and refining the hairbrush’s form through sketching and Computer-Aided Design (CAD). D2M secured a funding grant to support the project and collaborated with an intellectual property (IP) specialist to protect the innovative design. Manufacturing sample production, material selection, and moulding the bristles were carefully addressed to ensure the highest quality and performance.

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Air Motion is a revolutionary hairbrush that incorporates air technology to effortlessly glide through hair, providing a tangle-free and comfortable experience. Its shock-absorbing layer ensures gentle brushing, reducing hair breakage and damage. The hairbrush’s innovative design and functionality have garnered attention from retailers and customers worldwide.

Air Motion has revolutionised the haircare industry with its innovative suspension technology, offering a superior brushing experience. The hairbrush’s success is evident through its significant sales and distribution deals across Europe and the US. The collaboration between Grange Snell and D2M highlights the importance of expertise and innovation in transforming product ideas into successful realities.


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