At D2M, we are passionate about kitchen product design and development and some of our team even have developed and sold their own designs of kitchen products! We love working with companies that share our enthusiasm for this exciting sector that is always on the lookout for innovation. Tofuture is one such company, dedicated to creating kitchen gadgets that make life easier for vegans and vegetarians. Two great friends, came to us with their new concept for a tofu press that was both efficient and eco-friendly, and we were excited to be a part of it.

The Outcome

Through close working with Adam and Susanna, we were able to create a Tofu Press that met all of Tofuture’s requirements and more. The product was designed to be compact, durable, easy to use and effective. It has been a great success and is now selling over 50,000 units a year on Amazon, making Tofuture a household name in the vegan and vegetarian community.

The Story

Tofuture was founded by Adam and Susanna, two friends who met at Keele University in 1991. Adam had been a vegetarian since his arrival at university, while Susanna became vegetarian at 16 and vegan 22 years later after reading an article on the dairy industry about how soon calves are taken from their mothers. They both agree that it was the best decision they ever made.

The idea for the Tofu Press came about when Adam and Susanna were frustrated with the tofu presses on the market. They were either too bulky, difficult to use, or made from unsustainable materials. They knew they could create something better and more eco-friendly, and they decided to take on the challenge.

The journey to success wasn’t always smooth for Tofuture. In fact, they faced one of their biggest challenges when they appeared on the hit TV show Dragon’s Den. The entrepreneurs behind the company, Adam and Susanna, nervously presented their tofu-making press to the Dragons in hopes of securing investment. They were met with some skepticism and tough questioning, but they remained determined and confident in their product.

Despite not securing investment they wanted from the Dragons, Adam and Susanna did not give up on their dream of launching their new tofu press. Instead, they worked tirelessly to market and sell the Tofuture Tofu Press to consumers themselves. And, as you can see from the sales numbers, their hard work paid off!

Today, the Tofuture Tofu Press is a highly successful kitchen product, with over 50,000 units sold each year on Amazon. It has become an essential kitchen gadgets for many home cooks and is trusted by vegans and vegetarians around the globe.


At D2M, we’ve hugely enjoyed playing a part in the development of the Tofuture Tofu Press. We believe that this innovative product is a testament to the power of market insight and creativity and the importance of functional design in creating successful kitchen products.

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Our team began by conducting extensive research into tofu pressing methods, materials, and existing products. This involved buying and pressing quite a few packets of Tofu! We worked closely with Tofuture to understand their specific needs and goals for the product as this is critical – the project is their baby after all! After analysing the research and discussing the options with Adam and Susanna, we settled on a design that would be unique, stylish, effective and innovative.

We wanted to create a tofu press that was not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, so we made sure to design the product with clean lines and an attractive shape. But form had to follow function as this was the main requirement. There were too many ineffective tofu presses on the market already.

We began by sketching out a variety of design concepts, refining each idea until we found the one that best met the pre=agreed criteria. We then created 3D models of the design, allowing Tofuture to see exactly how the product would look and work. Spinning the model round to check it out from all angles was a critical part of the design review meetings! Once the design was finalised, we created a prototype and began testing it rigorously to ensure that it was both functional and durable and easy for a wide range of users to use intuitively.

We conducted extensive user testing to gather feedback from a variety of people, including experienced tofu makers and novices. The feedback was invaluable and we used it to refine the design even further – don’t miss this stage out of developing your new kitchen product idea. We also worked closely with Tofuture to create packaging that would showcase the product’s unique features and benefits. For retail, the design of the packaging is as criteria as the design for the product!

The final Tofu Press design has a unique hinge system that allows the user to press tofu quickly and easily, and its design is attractive enough to be left out on the kitchen counter. The product has received rave reviews from customers, and the sales speak for themselves.


In conclusion, the Tofuture Tofu Press is a prime example of how innovation, determination, user research and collaboration can lead to success in the world of kitchen product design. At D2M, we are committed to creating products that not only meet our clients’ needs but also make a positive impact on the world and are a joy to use. We look forward to working on more exciting kitchen product design projects in the future.

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