Kitchen Product Prototyping


Prototyping a New Kitchen Product Idea An introduction to prototyping new kitchen products. Prototyping is the process of creating a physical model of the new product idea for evaluation and testing. This is an expensive but unavoidable part of the development process and enables rapid improvement and refinement of the initial idea. Prototypes have a […]

Selling Kitchen Products

selling kitchen products

Selling A Kitchen Product An introduction to commercialising new Kitchen product ideas. Selling is the final stage of the overall development process where you need to ensure product quality, proper packaging, and shipping whether selling to either retailers or distributors. Your customers may belong to both domestic as well as commercial sectors, so you need […]

Kitchen Product Manufacturing

producing kitchen products

Producing New Kitchen Products An introduction to manufacturing new Kitchen products. Manufacturing is the stage where the virtual idea gets converted to the real one and really comes to life. Inevitably tensions run high at this point and it can be a real roller coaster of emotions. You may feel exciting, irritating, and frustrating throughout […]

Kitchen Product Design

designing kitchen products

Designing New Kitchen Products An introduction to designing new kitchen products. Designing your new kitchen product is, without any doubt, an exciting task to do. Moreover, it also needs a significant amount to be invested. Therefore, you must be very careful before you start investing in the development of a new kitchen product design. The […]

Kitchen Product Development

developing kitchen products

Developing New Kitchen Products Leading UK product design agency for developing and prototyping innovative kitchen products With our extremely professional, highly dedicated, and well-trained technical design team, we have been supporting many clients for more than a decade develop innovative new products. When it comes to designing and prototyping kitchen products, we have the necessary experience, […]

How much money can I make from my product idea?

Good design equals better sales and more margin

Some inventors develop products because they want to make a change in the world. Other people create groundbreaking products to take technology forward. But most entrepreneurs bring new products to market with the goal of generating a healthy profit. Whether you’re just looking to earn enough money to quit your day job, or want to […]


Thomod BRIEF The brief for Thomod was to develop the client’s initial concept for a 4-way furniture fixing into a manufacturable, working product. PROCESS Detailed Computer Aided Design modelling through a series of iterative improvements was essential to refining the core of the mechanical concept. The client had spent many hours sketching various designs and […]

MVR – Crowdfunding an innovative VR idea

MVR designed by D2M

MVR Blog Post One Step Beyond – How MVR aim to revolutionise Virtual Reality Often, projects come to our studio that present interesting and genuinely innovative propositions from budding entrepreneurs with vision, enthusiasm and the drive to introduce breakthrough concepts into highly competitive industries. Having worked with MVR for over a year now developing an […]

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