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With our extremely professional, highly dedicated, and well-trained technical design team, we have been supporting many clients for more than a decade develop innovative new products. When it comes to designing and prototyping kitchen products, we have the necessary experience, knowledge, contacts and market understanding to add significant value throughout the development of your product whilst reducing risk. The kitchen product development phase is divided into four major steps i.e., designing, prototyping, manufacturing, and selling. Read on to find out more.

Designing New Kitchen Products

It is the most interesting part of the whole development process. It is the stage where we innovate and present different concepts for your new kitchen product design for review and early stage development. Our design team provides technical and creative ideas to make your product appealing whilst bearing in mind the necessary production methods and materials. We arrange innovative workshops with our potential clients and this is one way of combining our experience and knowledge with your vision for the new kitchen product. It helps to shape your concept using our expertise and your thinking to get the maximum value for the end consumer. A commercial viability assessment might be a key part of this phase depending on the concept as well. Keep on reading to get into more details on the concept development part of the overall process.

Prototyping Kitchen Products

The prototyping of the kitchen product ideas is often dependent on the type of material being simulated. Some products need less time to develop their prototypes compared to others with the integration of electronics making this much more complex and expensive.  Overall, prototyping is the most crucial part of the product development phase. Moreover, it makes sure that your new kitchen idea has been fully validated before moving towards production.

Manufacturing Kitchen Products

The ideal balance is to source the product from a supplier that offers quality and good communication along with competitive prices. Reducing your product cost also reduces the cost of shipping and import taxes. For most of the time, sourcing your products from China is often the necessary choice. 

Manufacturing your kitchen product entails detailed specifications  once your idea is finalised. In addition to that, this stage consists of some other important elements like quality control, product packaging, secure delivery to the customers’ doorstep. Moreover, warning labels, as well as instruction manuals, must also be considered during the manufacturing process.

Selling a New Kitchen Product

This stage comes at the end and is considered the most critical stage of the kitchen product development process. This stage plays a key role in establishing your business. Once you are done with the designing, prototyping, and manufacturing of your new design kitchen idea, you need to know the art of presenting your goods in an engaging way to grab the attention of potential customers. Often you must be able to communicate effectively and to gain the trust of buyers.

You can approach retailers and ask them to place your items in their stores but you will have to show some samples or prototypes very close to your actual product. 

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Kitchen Product Design Case Studies

Below are just a few of the different Kitchen products that we have designed and prototyped. We also source manufacturers and can guide our clients through to tooling and production, if required. 

Do you have any innovative Kitchen product ideas?

We’ve worked with a number of clients to bring innovative Kitchen products to the market. Take a look at them and some of the other products we’ve worked on in our case studies section.

The kitchen product sector is a huge market and one that’s likely to keep growing, especially after all these lockdowns…. So it’s a great time to be developing new kitchen products.  Contact us today and we can arrange a call to discuss your project requirements.

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