Designing New Kitchen Products

An introduction to designing new kitchen products.

Designing your new kitchen product is, without any doubt, an exciting task to do. Moreover, it also needs a significant amount to be invested. Therefore, you must be very careful before you start investing in the development of a new kitchen product design. The best way to start working on a new kitchen product is to look at what user’s want, what pain points they experience with current products and ensure that you are fulfilling a genuine market need.

No matter what new kitchen product you want to develop, being a professional product design consultancy with specific experience in designing kitchen products, we will able to add significant value and help develop a market leading product.

In the beginning, working on new ideas seems very easy but when you proceed towards their implementations and evaluation, things get more and more complicated.

Therefore, before going into the nitty-gritty of a new kitchen product design, we seek to ensure the viability of the idea. In some cases this might be developing the original concept using our creative team to widen the appeal or adding further features.

Setting up a set of key questions and getting  appropriate answers to check the project’s viability is an important part of this stage. Without getting satisfactory answers,  moving towards the implementation would be foolhardy because the idea may fail and this might have been preventable early on.

Some of the major questions that must be considered are:

  1. Does the idea have the ability to fulfill the needs of the customers?
  2. What is the actual scope of the proposed idea in today’s market?
  3. Is the idea likely to deliver a return on investment?
  4. How accessible are the routes to market?
  5. Who are your potential competitors and what creates the difference between your idea and your competitors?
  6. How much time would be required to complete the project?
  7. How much investment is required to implement the proposed kitchen product idea?
  8. What are the key technical challenges?
  9. What would be the marketing strategy as it plays a key role in business promotion

You can do some of the tasks sitting at your home but there would definitely be a need for professional services e.g., conducting detailed market research, patent researching, costing and budgeting, and other similar tasks.

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Idea to Business

Once the viability of the project has been checked, the next step on designing new kitchen products is to actually start designing it so it can be fabricated.

The concept design stage will result in detailed concept sketches or early CAD models for review. It is important for you to hire professional experts having great exposure to a similar products if you want to ensure that the design has the best chance of success.

The different steps involved are:

  1. Initial project brief
  2. Layout of key elements of the design in the product
  3. Select style guide
  4. Detailing the overall look of the product given the ergonomic requirements
  5. Consider different ideas for implementation and compare them to extract the best one
  6. Design for storage requirements
  7. Initial consideration of material and production techniques.

At D2M we are with you from the very first step, verifying that your idea becomes the best product it can be. We are experienced and passionate product developers and have worked on a number of different kitchen projects.

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Secrets, tips & tricks to finding the right product design partner.

Download D2M's PDF guide now and say goodbye to costly missteps and wasted R&D funds.

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