CozyGlo, established in 2014 by Katherine and Tom Homfray, aims to provide high-quality night lights for children. Understanding the challenges faced by exhausted parents, they conceptualised a multi-purpose nightlight that offers features such as a dimmer, clock, stopwatch, light alarm, and thermometer. D2M was enlisted to bring their vision to life, resulting in the development of three charming characters: Papa Penguin, Colonel Comfort, and Beatrice the Rescue Dog.

The Outcome

Cozyglo has reached an exciting stage in its development. With the final designs of all three characters ready for production, Katherine and Tom launched a successful crowdfunding campaign on the French site By securing funding, they aim to bring their innovative product to life in 2015, just one year after conceptualising the idea. Today, Cozyglo nightlights are available for purchase from a range of big name online retailers, providing a delightful and practical solution for bedtime routines.

The Story

Cozyglo was founded by Katherine and Tom Homfray with the goal of revolutionising bedtime routines for families. They identified a need for a multi-purpose nightlight that would not only provide a comforting glow but also serve as a functional tool for parents. Inspired by their own experiences as parents, Katherine and Tom set out to create nightlights that offer a range of features to make bedtime easier and more enjoyable.

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The development process involved meticulous attention to detail. D2M worked closely with Cozyglo to utilise Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and electronics development to ensure that the nightlights were production-ready and emitted a warm and reassuring glow. Multiple prototypes were created to refine the enchanting characters, while the electronics were developed in collaboration with an exceptional electronics partner. The final design incorporated essential elements such as light guides, diffusion lens, and precise positioning of internals to produce an all-around glow.



Cozyglo has successfully transformed bedtime routines with their innovative and versatile nightlights. Designed to meet the needs of exhausted parents and provide a comforting experience for children, these lights offer a range of functionalities in adorable characters. With a presence on popular platforms such as Amazon and partnerships with leading retailers like Argos and Jojo Maman Bebe, Cozyglo continues to bring joy and convenience to families across the UK. To learn more about Cozyglo and purchase their delightful nightlights, visit the listing on Amazon:

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