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JOI Beauty

Beauty product design, at its best, is all about creating products that provide innovative solutions to real-life challenges. That’s why we were excited to work with JOI Beauty, an American business founded by a busy modern woman and product engineer. JOI’s mission is to provide innovative and versatile solutions and our design philosophy and process was the ideal fit for founder, Andrea. Together, we worked through various technical challenges to bring the Face It Automated Makeup Brush and Sponge Cleaner to life!

Selling to retailers in the beauty industry

The Outcome

The Face It automated makeup brush and sponge cleaner has been a huge success since its launch on Indiegogo, surpassing its funding goal by over 300%. The product has received rave reviews from early adopters who appreciate its convenience, efficiency, and ability to clean both brushes and sponges. It has been featured in various beauty publications and has gained a loyal following of customers who swear by its effectiveness and convenience. We can’t wait to see the first products off the production line soon!

Selling to retailers in the beauty industry

The Story

JOI Beauty was founded by a busy modern woman and product engineer who was tired of endless searches and failing to find suitable solutions to her daily beauty challenges. She decided to take matters into her own hands, leading to the birth of JOI. The founder’s unwavering desire to make beauty solutions exceed expectations drives the company’s mission to provide innovative and versatile solutions that solve real-life beauty challenges. This led to the decision to solve one of the biggest issues in the beauty

Joi Beauty turned to our team of experts in beauty product design for assistance. We worked closely with them to understand their specific needs the key specific challenges of designing a make-up sponge and brush cleaner and what the ideal outcome would be.

When we started designing the Face It automated makeup brush and sponge cleaner, we knew we were in for a challenge! Combining electronics and water is never easy, but we were up for it! With an eye to safety standards and certification, we worked closely with a test house early on to ensure that the final design would be safe to use.

After solving the core technical challenges, we built a proof-of-concept prototype that looked rather Heath Robinson but demonstrated the product’s intended function of cleaning brushes and sponges. Once the function was proven, we could finally move on to the other key elements of good design!

Style was a top priority for us, so we outlined several styling directions before choosing one to develop further with our client. We integrated the chosen style into the 3D CAD model and used 3D printing to create a new prototype that was extensively tested and received feedback from the target market.


While we were busy gathering the feedback from the target market, we also sourced the right manufacturing partner and key internal components so that the final prototype could incorporate feedback and use production parts. This prototype was used for video and photography for our crowd-funding campaign, and the rest is history!

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The Face It automated makeup brush and sponge cleaner is designed to simplify the cleaning process of beauty equipment. It is a compact and efficient machine that can clean both makeup brushes and sponges with ease. The device is powered by USB and features a sleek and stylish design that will look great on any vanity.

The Face It machine uses centrifugal technology to effectively clean brushes and sponges. Simply add water and a small amount of soap to the device, attach the brush or sponge to the spinner, and let the machine do the rest. The powerful spinning action removes dirt and makeup residue, leaving brushes and sponges clean and ready to use.

One of the standout features of the Face It cleaner is its compatibility with both brushes and sponges. This was no easy product to design as these vary hugely and there is currently nothing on the market to automatically clean these beauty product applicators. The device comes with three different attachments to fit a variety of brush sizes, as well as a silicone sponge holder that can be used to clean makeup sponges – just some of the unique features that we designed into the product that are now covered by the patent. (All I.P. including these new ideas our team generated, belong to the client as per our T&C’s)

The journey to creating the Face It Automated Makeup Brush and Sponge Cleaner was not without its challenges. We spent countless hours researching, brainstorming, and testing various mechanical systems, pumps and nozzles to ensure that our product would function as intended with excellent repeatability and durability.


The Face It automated makeup brush and sponge cleaner is a great example of a beauty product that solves a common problem for the target market. It provides a convenient and efficient way to clean brushes and sponges whilst being stylish and compact. We look forward to continuing to innovate in the beauty product design space and bringing more products like the Face It cleaner to consumers.

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