Bag Flag

BagFlag is a groundbreaking product that combines the effectiveness of bags and flags into one innovative promotional device. The idea was sparked during a visit to a famous car museum in Stuttgart, Germany, where a branded flag was received in a plain white non-branded bag. Recognizing the potential of combining these two popular marketing tools, the BagFlag concept was born. D2M Innovation was tasked with creating a cost-effective 3D CAD model and refining the design for efficient manufacturing.

The Outcome

The BagFlag concept has achieved remarkable success in the promotional and retail markets. With its unique bag-flag hybrid design, it has captured the attention of brands and customers alike, offering a versatile and eye-catching marketing tool. The product has gained widespread interest, leading to a licensing arrangement for commercialisation.

The Story

The BagFlag concept originated from a visit to a car museum in Stuttgart, Germany, where the idea of combining a branded flag and a bag was realised. This innovative approach to promotional products sparked the development of the BagFlag. D2M Innovation collaborated closely with the client to create a cost-effective 3D CAD model and prototype, refining the design for optimal manufacturability.

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The BagFlag combines strength, rigidity, and cost-effective use of polymer materials. Through extensive prototyping and design refinement, the final concept was developed, minimizing material usage while ensuring durability. The product offers a versatile solution for promotional purposes, seamlessly integrating the functionality of a bag with the promotional impact of a flag. The BagFlag has garnered significant interest in the market, providing brands with a unique and effective tool to engage with their target audience.

The BagFlag has revolutionised promotion with its innovative bag-flag hybrid design. By combining two effective marketing tools into one, it offers a cost-effective and versatile solution for brands seeking to make a lasting impression. The collaboration between D2M Innovation and BagFlag showcases the power of innovation and creative thinking in developing unique products that capture attention and drive results.


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