CouchCoaster introduces an innovative solution to securely hold drinks while sitting on a sofa, eliminating the risk of accidental spills. Developed in collaboration with D2M, this unique drink holder has gained international recognition for its practicality and convenience, enhancing the sofa experience for users.

The Outcome

CouchCoaster has achieved widespread popularity and international distribution through various retail stores and online platforms. The product’s innovative design and functionality have resonated with sofa enthusiasts, making it an indispensable accessory for enjoying drinks while relaxing on the sofa. CouchCoaster’s success is a testament to its practicality, convenience, and stylish design. The product now turns over more than £750,000 annually with the sister product in the range.

The Story

CouchCoaster was conceived by Barry Freeder, who identified the need for a reliable drink holder that would prevent spills and keep drinks within easy reach while relaxing on the sofa. Motivated by his own experiences and with the support of D2M, Barry brought his idea to life. The design process involved extensive research, concept development, and prototyping to ensure optimal functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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CouchCoaster features a weighted silicone stability coaster that securely grips the sofa arm, providing stability and protection against accidental knocks and spills. Its versatile design accommodates various sizes of cups, mugs, flasks, and tumblers, with an integrated drip tray to prevent minor drips and splashes. The drink holder is compatible with most sofa arms, offering a secure fit on different types of sofas.

CouchCoaster has redefined sofa comfort with its innovative drink holder. The product’s practicality, convenience, and stylish design have made it a preferred choice for customers worldwide. Through collaboration between Barry Freeder and D2M, CouchCoaster has become an essential accessory for enjoying drinks while relaxing on the sofa. To experience the comfort and convenience of CouchCoaster, visit our Amazon listing and make your purchase today.


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