Veglo, a London-based company founded by cycling enthusiast Ed Ward, partnered with D2M to design and develop innovative bike lights for urban commuters. Their goal was to create a solution that would enhance cyclist visibility and safety on the roads.

The Outcome

The Veglo Commuter X4, a groundbreaking wearable lighting system, was developed to improve cyclist visibility and enhance safety. With its multi-angle visibility and adjustable straps, the Commuter X4 offers convenience and compatibility for cyclists, ensuring they are seen by other road users. The Veglo Commuter X4 garnered support from cycling enthusiasts worldwide and successfully raised over £19k on Kickstarter. Oxford Products Ltd recognized the innovation and practicality of the product and licensed the Commuter X4 for wider distribution. This partnership expands the reach of the Commuter X4 to over 80 countries, making a significant impact on cyclist safety and visibility.

The Story

The design process involved extensive testing and comparison of reflective fabrics, materials, and fiber optic light guides to achieve optimal brightness and visibility. The team at D2M utilized their expertise in textiles and electronics to create multiple prototypes with slimline designs and reliable performance. The Commuter X4 features a waterproof casing developed through CAD and rapid prototyping.

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The Veglo Commuter X4 is equipped with four fiber optic light guides and a central projective light, providing cyclists with spatial awareness and visibility from multiple angles. Its adjustable straps allow for easy wearing over backpacks of various sizes, up to 35 liters. The light system is water-resistant, USB rechargeable, and offers multiple flash and fade settings for customizable illumination.

The Veglo Commuter X4, born out of Veglo’s determination to enhance cyclist safety and D2M’s expertise in product design and development, has become a game-changing bike light. Its successful Kickstarter campaign and licensing to Oxford Products validate its impact on the cycling community.

Collaborations like this highlight the importance of innovation and collaboration in creating products that prioritize cyclist safety and enhance their overall riding experience.

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