Core Lighting

Core Lighting

Core Lighting, a leading provider of battery-powered LED lighting, collaborated with D2M to develop a wireless light source designed specifically for event lighting. The goal was to create a versatile and convenient solution that replicated the output of a real light bulb. Through a process of research, concept development, prototyping, and manufacturing, Core Lighting and D2M successfully brought the wireless LED table lamp to life, providing effective lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor venues.

The Outcome

The result of the collaboration between Core Lighting and D2M is the TablePoint, a battery-powered wireless LED table lamp that has become a valuable addition to Core Lighting’s range of lighting solutions. The TablePoint has been widely hired to provide effective atmospheric and safety lighting for indoor and outdoor venues across Europe. Its patented lamp attachment allows it to replace traditional light bulbs in lamps or be magnetically attached to steel surfaces, making it versatile for various event settings. The TablePoint’s innovative design and reliable performance have garnered interest from major venues including a royal palace!

The Story

Core Lighting’s journey began in 2008 with a focus on designing and manufacturing battery-powered, vivid, and outdoor weatherproof LED lighting. Over the years, they have worked with exclusive venues, hotels, restaurants, sports clubs, and more, gaining valuable experience in combining LED lighting, wireless synchronization, and battery power. With this expertise, Core Lighting and D2M embarked on the development of a wireless event light. The team researched potential technologies, generated concepts, and refined them through CAD and prototyping. Compromises were made to ensure functionality, cost-effectiveness, and aesthetics. The mark 1 prototype proved the concept’s feasibility, leading to further design development and collaboration with manufacturers.

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The TablePoint, developed by Core Lighting in collaboration with D2M, is a battery-powered wireless LED table lamp designed for event lighting. It offers atmospheric and functional lighting for indoor and outdoor venues. The product range includes coloured table lighting as well as floodlighting for illuminating large areas. Most of the products are battery-powered, weather-rated for indoor and outdoor use, and can be wirelessly controlled via Bluetooth or Wireless DMX. The TablePoint’s versatility and patented lamp attachment make it suitable for various event ambiances and work light applications.

The collaboration between Core Lighting and D2M resulted in the successful development of the TablePoint, a wireless LED table lamp that offers convenience, versatility, and exceptional lighting capabilities for event settings. Core Lighting’s expertise in battery-powered LED lighting, combined with D2M’s design and manufacturing capabilities, ensured the creation of a high-quality product that has been widely adopted in prestigious venues worldwide. The TablePoint’s success in the market showcases Core Lighting’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

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