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TattyHead, a visionary UK Pet Brand, approached D2M with a unique concept: the Twist ‘N’ Treat dog biscuit dispenser. This innovative product was designed to provide dog owners with a convenient way to carry treats while serving as a training aid and recall tool for dogs in public spaces. With a focus on practicality and fun, TattyHead sought to create a one-of-a-kind dispenser that would revolutionise the pet product market.

Product design strategy outcome, Tatty Head, a pet accessory that holds treats for your dog

The Outcome

The Twist ‘N’ Treat dispensers made their debut at Crufts in 2019, generating excitement and positive feedback. Since then, the product has gained popularity, with TattyHead offering a range of vibrant colours to suit different preferences. The brand has also made a significant impact on Instagram, connecting with dog owners and building a community around their innovative product. TattyHead Twist ‘N’ Treat Dispensers can be purchased online through the company website (https://www.tattyhead.com/) or at selected stockists. To cater to dog owners’ needs, TattyHead also offers combo boxes that make the perfect gift for any dog lover.

Product design strategy outcome, Tatty Head, a pet accessory that holds treats for your dog

The Story

TattyHead is a new UK Pet Brand driven by the vision of bringing innovative dog training aids to the market. The concept for the Twist ‘N’ Treat dispenser was born out of a desire to provide dog owners with a practical treat container that would rattle when shaken and dispense treats in a controlled manner. The inspiration behind the product came from the family dog, Hugo, nicknamed “Tatty Head” due to his messy hair. Hugo’s response to the sound of treats motivated the development of a tool to assist with recall during off-lead moments in the park.

Further Prototyping for a blue dog accessory
Further Prototyping for a blue dog accessory

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To create the Twist ‘N’ Treat dispenser, D2M worked closely with TattyHead in a collaborative design process. Two prototypes were developed, with the first being a transparent blue test model to evaluate material, shape, and overall appearance. Based on the feedback and learnings from the initial prototype, the second prototype was enhanced with new features, including a neoprene textile sleeve that connected the dispenser to a belt loop or lead, providing added convenience for dog owners.

In parallel with the prototype development, D2M also worked on designing the packaging and developing the branding for the Twist ‘N’ Treat dispenser. The TattyHead logo was embroidered onto the neoprene textile sleeve, adding a distinctive touch. The packaging was carefully crafted to showcase the product’s features and appeal to dog owners looking for a practical and engaging treat dispenser.



The collaboration between TattyHead and D2M resulted in the creation of the Twist ‘N’ Treat dog biscuit dispenser, a remarkable innovation in the pet product industry. With its practicality, fun design, and the ability to assist with dog training and recall, the Twist ‘N’ Treat has quickly gained popularity among dog owners. TattyHead’s dedication to delivering innovative products that cater to the needs of pets and their owners sets them apart in the market. As they continue to grow, TattyHead remains committed to developing new and exciting products for pet lovers everywhere.


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