Pet Product Prototyping

Prototyping new idea

Prototyping New Pet Products An introduction to prototyping new pet products. Prototyping is the most important process of product development. It directly determines the direction of the product functionality, appearance and overall design for production. Dyson famously made over 1200 prototypes of his first vacuum cleaner but often we aim for more like 4 or […]

Selling Pet Products

selling pet products

Selling A Pet Product​ An introduction to commercialising new pet product ideas. The final key element of the development journey where your product idea is packaged, checked, shipped and sold to customers, distributors or retailers. When you have sufficiently developed your product, you will be able to approach retailers. To convince them to buy it, […]

Pet Product Manufacturing

Manufacture in China

Producing New Pet Products An introduction to manufacturing new pet products. This is where your product really comes to life! It can be exciting, daunting, frustrating and infuriating all in one day. But with a cool head and some expert guidance your product will be manufactured correctly and you’ll be one big step closer to […]

Pet Product Design

prototyping new ideas

Designing New Pet Products An introduction to designing new pet products. Designing new pet products can be an exciting and highly rewarding journey. The market is large and growing with a real hungry for a new generation of pet products that are eco-friendly, better designed and use highly quality materials. It is also great fun […]


pet product development

Developing New Pet Products Leading UK product design agency for developing and prototyping innovative pet products At D2M we have over a decade of experience developing new pet products for many clients. We are exceptionally skilled in the design and prototyping of pet products, ranging from automatic pet feeders, portable water bowls and dog collars, treat dispensers and […]

Tatty Head

TattyHead dog treat dispenser

Selling online in many different retailers and now part of a growing range of pet accessories.

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