I love bags, I’ve always loved bags. I realised that I knew nothing about bag construction or manufacturing. I didn’t know much about bag construction. I didn’t know anything about fashion, except that the industry wasn’t great for the environment. That’s when I had my “aha” moment: I could create bags that were not only stylish but also environmentally friendly. And so, Baxley Bags was born.

The Outcome

Baxley Bags now features over seven unique backpack designs in their permanent collection, each manufactured in the UK in small limited batches. This approach to production not only reduces waste but also creates an air of exclusivity around the brand, with each batch eagerly anticipated and selling out fast. They’ve built a loyal customer base and continue to grow their community by promoting sustainable commerce through their popular newsletter and The List of exceptional companies dedicated to making a positive impact.

“I realised I could create this brand and use it as a platform for helping to change minds to buying less, buying better and only the things that we really need.”


The Story

Baxley Bags was born out of a passion for bags and the desire to create something that was designed for the needs of the user whilst maintaining exemplary environmental credentials.

Lyndsay Lucero, the founder, knew nothing about bag construction or manufacturing, but she knew about complex user interface experiences as an award-winning digital designer. As a female in a very male-dominated world of design, she had been wearing bags that didn’t really feel like they were designed for her needs. But Lyndsay realised that this was something she could get excited about and set out to make her dream a reality.

However, it wasn’t an easy journey for Lyndsay. She faced many challenges along the way, including finding a local manufacturer whose prices were twice what she expected. Lyndsay had to pivot her brand and rethink its positioning. She learned that there’s a constant need to pivot, especially in the early days, but that it’s important to use those moments of change positively.

Lyndsay also realised the importance of creating a community around her brand. She started by obsessing over what she was creating, sharing her experience with friends, and asking for help. The feedback she received was invaluable and helped her make better decisions.

Baxley Bags came to D2M for specific support with developing an interchangeable strap design and help getting ready for manufacture. D2M worked with Baxley Bags to create their final prototype and manufacturing specification. They carried out a material and factory sourcing stage to ensure that all materials were from the EU and the factory the bags were to be made in were based in the UK. Finally, they assisted Baxley bags in developing the final samples from their UK factory.

Lyndsay’s advice to anyone starting out is to make sure that what you’re about to embark on is something that has more than just a temporary fleeting love. Sacrificing time with friends and family is critical in bringing these projects to life.

Today, Baxley Bags has over seven different designs selling via their website, all manufactured in the UK in small limited batches.

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Lyndsay’s journey was not a fast track, and it took her 14 prototypes in total to get the first bag design just right. However, by identifying her motivation and ensuring that her purpose hit some kind of greater purpose, she was able to bring her project to life.

“My first prototype took three months and almost immediately after finishing that, I started working on the second one because there were obvious things that needed to be improved. That took another three months and then the third one also took three months. So that was more or less a year in total. Then I had another four created by a local seamstress, another one after that by an innovation company, another by the first factory that I sampled out, and the second factory made two samples. All in, I think the first bag took 14 prototypes to get to including my very first canvas and pin versions. These things don’t happen overnight.”

We just wish Lyndsay sought out the professional help the project needed from the expert team at D2M sooner!

In conclusion, the partnership between Baxley Bags and D2M was an exciting and rewarding journey towards the development of a functional and fashionable backpack design. Through collaboration and iteration, we were able to overcome design challenges and create a sustainable product that has gained a loyal following. At D2M, we are committed to helping our clients turn their ideas into reality, and we are proud to have played a part in the success of Baxley Bags.

But we’ll leave the final words of wisdom to Lyndsey: “It comes back to identifying your motivation. You need to make sure that you have a clear purpose behind what you’re doing because  it’s not a fast track for many people. For anyone who’s starting out, making sure that what you’re about to embark on is something that has more than just a temporary fleeting love, that it hits some kind of greater purpose for you. Maybe it’s not an Earth changing purpose but it has to be really, really worth giving up time with friends and family. That sacrifice, those evenings and weekends are really critical in bringing these projects to life.”

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