Avery Trimmer and Guillotine Range: Precision Cutting Made Effortless

Avery Dennison, a leading provider of office supplies, partnered with D2M to design and develop a range of innovative paper cutters for offices and schools. The goal was to create products that offered a beautiful aesthetic, enhanced ergonomics, and improved safety features.

The Outcome

The Avery Trimmer and Guillotine Range exceeded expectations and achieved commercial success. The range offers precise and quality paper cutting solutions for various applications, providing professionals, crafters, and educators with durable and precise cutting tools.

The Avery Trimmer and Guillotine Range has received TUV certifications for its safety features and quality. The range has achieved key listings with major national accounts, resulting in an increase in margin due to the improved feature set. The simplified range was launched on time and within budget.

The guillotine guard gained at international patent and the redesign enabled Avery to retain listings in critical education product magazines helping the business to retain market share.

The Story

The development process for the Avery Trimmer and Guillotine Range involved a meticulous approach to design and functionality. The team at D2M collaborated closely with Avery Denison to understand the specific requirements and desired features for the paper cutters. Extensive market research was conducted to identify the needs of office and school users, ensuring that the design would meet their expectations.

With a focus on aesthetics, ergonomics, and safety, the design team at D2M worked diligently to create prototypes that embodied these key principles. The team tested and refined various materials and components to ensure optimal performance, durability, and user-friendliness. Iterative design cycles allowed for continuous improvement and fine-tuning of the product’s features.

Once the design was finalised, D2M coordinated with Avery’s product team and chosen manufacturing partner to ensure seamless production and quality control. The team worked closely with the manufacturing team to address any challenges and ensure that the final products met the highest standards.

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The Avery Trimmer and Guillotine Range consists of three categories: Precision, Office, and Crafting/Home Use. The Precision Range is designed for heavy-duty cutting requirements, featuring self-sharpening blades, clear baseboard markings, and soft-touch handles. The Office Range is lightweight and suitable for frequent, lower volume cutting needs, with aluminum construction and patented safety guards. The Crafting and Home Use Trimmers provide precise cutting capabilities and maximum safety for creative projects.

The Avery Trimmer and Guillotine Range offers precision cutting made effortless. The range’s sleek design, safety features, and wide range of options have made it a trusted choice for professionals, crafters, and educators. Through collaboration between Avery Dennison and D2M, these innovative paper cutters showcase the power of effective product design in meeting the needs of the office supplies sector. To explore the Avery Trimmer and Guillotine Range and experience precision cutting made effortless, visit the Avery website: https://www.avery.co.uk/trimmers-guillotines


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