BloXsafe™, invented by Martin Dubbey, is a groundbreaking security device designed to address the issue of safe infiltration, particularly in hotel settings. With over 30 years of experience in law enforcement, Martin recognised the need for a visible deterrent that would empower individuals to create their own secure storage solutions. By attaching BloXsafe™ to safes, drawers, and cabinets, users can transform these ordinary fixtures into tamper-proof strongboxes. The device’s tamper-proof design ensures that owners are alerted in the event of unauthorised removal, providing enhanced security and peace of mind.

The Outcome

BloXsafe™ has garnered significant interest and support within the security industry. Major luggage retailers have already expressed interest in stocking the product, recognizing its innovative value proposition. Furthermore, an in-flight magazine has agreed to promote BloXsafe™ through collaborations with major airlines, expanding its visibility to a wider audience. The product has also attracted attention from the master distributor of the main competitor product in the USA, indicating strong market potential and demand for BloXsafe™.

The Story

Martin Dubbey’s idea for BloXsafe™ was inspired by his extensive experience with HM Customs and the UK Serious Organised Crime Agency, where he witnessed the problem of safe infiltration firsthand. Motivated to tackle this issue, Martin conceptualized BloXsafe™ as a solution that enables individuals to create their own secure storage without compromising on convenience. The collaboration between Martin and the D2M team involved the development of a 3D CAD model, multiple prototypes, and design refinements to optimize functionality and cost-effectiveness. The mark 1 prototype proved the feasibility of the concept, paving the way for further development and market interest.

The journey of BloXsafe™ began with the exploration of various concepts that combined strength, rigidity, and cost-effective polymer usage. Prototyping and design refinement led to the creation of the mark 1 prototype, which validated the concept and functionality of BloXsafe™. Subsequent iterations and computer-aided design (CAD) efforts resulted in a presentation prototype, which played a crucial role in attracting manufacturers. The strong market interest received enabled Martin to proceed confidently, culminating in a substantial tooling charge investment.

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BloXsafe™ stands as a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration in addressing security challenges. Martin Dubbey’s vision, combined with the expertise of the D2M team, has resulted in a highly functional and visually appealing security device for office equipment. The interest and support from major retailers, airlines, and distributors demonstrate the market potential and demand for BloXsafe™. With its tamper-proof design and growing market presence, BloXsafe™ is set to redefine security in the office equipment sector, offering individuals control and confidence in protecting their valuables.


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