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ShapeShifter is a revolutionary gym bag designed to offer flexibility, comfort, and style for modern-day gym-goers. The gym bag was created by an innovative startup that approached Design2Market (D2M) for their expertise in bag design services to help them bring their vision to life. Together, they were able to create a unique and versatile product that exceeded the expectations of their backers and customers.

The Outcome

The ShapeShifter gym bag was launched on Kickstarter and was met with great enthusiasm by backers around the world. Here the story takes an interesting twist as the innovator cancelled the campaign despite the funds rolling in. This was because he decided to re-work the product given the feedback received via the campaign before re-launching. This is a critical lesson in doing thorough market research early on during the design process! We are very much looking forward to seeing campaign v2 and the new design which is currently in production with the factory.

The Story

The startup behind the ShapeShifter gym bag had a vision for a bag that would meet the needs of gym-goers, offering flexibility and style. They approached D2M, a leading provider of bag design services, to help them bring their unique gym bag to life. D2M worked closely with the founder to understand his needs and vision and to develop a design that would be appealing to the target market.

The ShapeShifter gym bag is designed to meet the needs of today’s gym-goer, with its versatile and customizable design. It can be transformed depending on the user’s needs. The bag is made from high-quality materials that are durable, water-resistant, and easy to clean, making it perfect for travel, work, and play.

Our team at D2M worked diligently to develop the ShapeShifter gym bag, starting with the initial concept, creating a 3D model of the design, and finally producing a working prototype.

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To ensure the success of the ShapeShifter gym bag, D2M’s team of designers worked on every aspect of the product. We collaborated with the ShapeShifter team to create multiple prototypes, testing each one thoroughly to refine its functionality and improve its design. We worked with the team to then source and brief the right manufacturing partner. This was critical early on in the project so that we could ensure the commercial viability of the project.

The final design of the ShapeShifter gym bag was a sleek, stylish bag that could transform, making it versatile for different activities and travel needs. The product incorporated a range of features, including a detachable sling bag, a water bottle holder, and a hidden passport pocket. The gym bag was also made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity.

In addition to creating a high-quality product, D2M’s focus was also on ensuring that the production process was cost-effective and efficient. We leveraged our experience in textile product design to source the right materials for the product while keeping an eye on the budget. We also ensured that the product could be manufactured at scale, working closely with the ShapeShifter team to identify the most effective production techniques.Conclusion:

Our team’s expertise in textile product design, prototyping, and manufacturing was critical to ShapeShifter’s success, enabling us to create a product that was both stylish and functional while ensuring it achieved the right price point.

If you have an innovative bag design idea or any other product idea, contact D2M today to see how we can help you bring your vision to life. Our team of expert designers and engineers has years of experience working in the product design industry, giving us a deep understanding of customer needs and preferences across a wide range of products. We are committed to delivering the best possible product development solutions to our clients, helping them turn their ideas into reality.

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