The Riut Backpack, originated by Sarah Giblin, is a revolutionary bag designed to address the security concerns of modern travellers. With its unique design that positions all zips against the wearer’s back, the RiutBag ensures that no one else can access its contents while it is being worn. This innovative approach to backpack design provides peace of mind and eliminates worries about theft or loss during daily commutes and travels.

The Outcome

Since its launch, the Riut Backpack has gained significant traction, with over £400k raised through crowdfunding campaigns and widespread global sales. It has become a preferred choice for over 20,000 travellers worldwide, transforming the way people think about backpack security. By sparking an anti-theft backpack industry, the Riut Backpack has made travel safer and more secure for millions of individuals. The success and popularity of the Riut Backpack highlight its effectiveness in addressing the concerns of modern travellers.

The Story

Sarah Giblin, the founder of Riut, noticed a design flaw in traditional backpacks – the zips were easily accessible to others, creating concerns about security. Inspired to find a solution, she developed the concept of the Riut Backpack, positioning the zips against the wearer’s back for enhanced security.

With a strong focus on user research, the development of the Riut Backpack involved a series of iterative steps and a relentless pursuit of perfection. Sarah, driven by her passion for creating a secure and user-focused backpack, embarked on a journey with D2M that encompassed multiple prototypes, extensive material sourcing, and finding the right manufacturer to bring her vision to life.

Sarah and the D2M team worked closely to transform the initial concept into a tangible product. Through meticulous design and testing, they refined the backpack’s form and function, ensuring that it met the highest standards of quality and functionality. Each prototype served as a stepping stone, allowing them to assess and improve the design, materials, and overall user experience.

Material sourcing was a critical aspect of the process. The team worked diligently to select fabrics and sewing techniques that would withstand the rigors of daily commutes and travels. Every detail was examined and considered, ensuring that the Riut Backpack would endure the demands of the modern traveller while maintaining its security features.

Finding the right manufacturer was crucial to bringing the Riut Backpack to market. Sarah collaborated closely with suppliers in both China and the UK, conducting extensive quality control checks to guarantee that the production process met the highest standards. Sarah even flew to China to personally oversee the first batch of products, ensuring that each backpack adhered to her stringent specifications.

Testing played a vital role in the development of the Riut Backpack. Sarah and the team subjected the backpack to rigorous evaluations, ensuring that it would withstand the demands of real-world use. They tested the zips, materials, and overall durability to ensure that the backpack delivered on its promise of security and longevity.

Throughout the process, Sarah’s attention to detail was unwavering. She checked every aspect of the backpack, from the stitching to the placement of zips, to ensure that it met her exacting standards. Her commitment to perfection drove her to refine and improve the design until every element was optimized for the ultimate user experience.

The result of Sarah’s dedication and the collaborative efforts of the team is the Riut Backpack—a revolutionary bag that has transformed the way people travel.

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The Riut Backpack is designed to prioritise user safety and convenience. Its unique feature of having all zips facing the wearer’s back eliminates the risk of unauthorized access. The backpack is made from high-quality materials and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure durability and resilience. The Riut Backpack offers ample storage space for valuables such as laptops, passports, cameras, and other essentials. With a user-focused approach, Riut encourages feedback from customers to continuously improve the design and address specific travel problems. The brand’s commitment to user thinking and innovation sets Riut apart in the backpack industry.

The Riut Backpack represents a revolution in backpack design, providing travellers with a secure and worry-free experience. With its innovative concept and user-focused approach, the Riut Backpack has gained recognition and popularity among travellers worldwide. Sarah Giblin’s dedication to solving a common problem and her commitment to user feedback have made Riut a leader in the anti-theft backpack industry. To learn more about the Riut Backpack and experience its secure design, visit the official Riut website.




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