Omnio is an award-winning, innovative pushchair designed by Marcus and Samantha Warwick to offer parents the perfect balance of functionality, convenience, and aesthetics. With its ultra-compact folded size and the ability to be carried as a rucksack, Omnio provides the capabilities of a full-size stroller in a highly portable form. The meticulous engineering and attention to detail in the design have set the benchmark for super-compact strollers and earned Omnio recognition and praise in the industry.

The Outcome

Omnio has garnered international interest and secured over 20,000 pre-orders from distributors worldwide. The product’s design and innovation have been acknowledged through several national and international awards, establishing its position as a leader in the pushchair market. With successful fundraising efforts, raising over £600,000, Omnio has entered full-scale manufacturing and originally sold in eight countries globally.

The Story

The vision for Omnio was born out of the desire to create a pushchair that combines compactness, functionality, and style. Marcus and Samantha Warwick meticulously engineered every aspect of the design to reduce the size and weight of the pushchair without compromising its performance. The result is a patented stroller with folded dimensions compliant with IATA aircraft hand luggage regulations and the added convenience of being carried as a rucksack.

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One of the key innovations of Omnio is its Omni-Wheel design, which combines lateral rollers with a traditional rolling wheel. This unique design allows for exceptionally smooth maneuverability, making it effortless for parents to navigate various terrains and crowded spaces.

The industry has recognised the excellence of Omnio’s design and innovation, leading to the receipt of multiple national and international awards. These accolades not only validate the quality and ingenuity of the product but also solidify its position as a leader in the market for super-compact strollers.

Omnio has redefined the concept of convenience in the pushchair industry, offering parents a compact and highly portable solution without compromising functionality and style.

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