Ventz is a game changing motorbike accessory that provides a simple and efficient method of ventilation for motorcyclists. Developed by Martin Warren and brought to life through collaboration with D2M, Ventz addresses the issue of uncomfortably high temperatures experienced by riders wearing protective leather clothing in hot weather.

The Outcome

Since its launch, Ventz has quickly sold out of its initial production run, highlighting its success in the market. The wearable ventilation system has gained significant popularity, leading to high demand and the challenge of fulfilling orders. The product has gained traction not only in the UK but also internationally, with interest from countries such as Germany, South Africa, the US, and Australia. Ventz is expanding its distribution through online sales and partnerships with retailers, including Fowlers, and exploring opportunities with organizations like Essex Police and European companies.

The Story

The idea for Ventz was sparked when Martin Warren noticed a fellow motorcyclist with an unzipped jacket that flapped up, obstructing the rider’s vision. Recognizing the need for a better and safer cooling solution for riders, Warren approached D2M with his concept for a wearable ventilation system. Together, they worked to develop Ventz into a functional and effective product.

The development process involved the creation of a presentation prototype with two component parts made of polypropylene plastic and TPU plastic. Challenges arose during assembly and disassembly, as well as with the malleability and secure attachment of the TPU component. Through CAD refinement, the length of the plastic pads was extended to ensure a secure fit. These solutions paved the way for the production of Ventz, with a manufacturing specification that encompassed materials, hardness, and finish.

The launch of Ventz has been met with high demand, surpassing expectations and selling out the initial order of 12,000 units based on pre-orders. Warren sells Ventz directly online and through reputable retailers like Fowlers. The product has gained international interest, with inquiries coming from various countries and industries, including skiing companies looking to adapt the technology.

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Ventz has revolutionised rider comfort by addressing the issue of heat build-up under motorcycle clothing. The collaboration between Martin Warren and D2M has resulted in a highly sought-after motorbike accessory that enhances rider safety and concentration by providing effective ventilation. With its growing popularity and international interest, Ventz has made a significant impact in the cycling and motorbiking sector. The success of Ventz highlights the power of innovative design and the importance of addressing the needs of motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide.


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