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We’ve developed our own product, raised £500k for tooling and production and even got it into John Lewis (and then Covid happened!) Having walked the whole journey ourselves we’re uniquely positioned to help you avoid the pitfalls and mistakes we made!

User-centric Approach

Our team has in-depth knowledge of startup systems and culture, so we focus on your users’ end needs and expectations.  Continuous testing and user feedback help guarantee a product that your user wants and de-risk your venture.
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We have proven expertise across different industries and all parts of the development process, from designing to  launching the product. We live the startup journey and understand what works and doesn’t. 

Agile Development

We understand that product might require new features or the whole concept might need to pivot part way through. Therefore, our processes are geared up for continuous evolution and delivery, ensuring on-time launches. Our agile approach and onsite workshops helps us build products with quick turnaround time.

How it works

Innovation Workshop

What Happens:

  • Initial consultation with the D2M team to discuss your project idea.
  • Identification of project risks, requirements, and brainstorming of potential concept directions.


  • A clearer understanding of the feasible development routes and recommended next steps.

Product Design

What Happens:

  • Development of a detailed CAD (Computer-Aided Design) model of the product.
  • Review and approval of the CAD model before moving to the prototype stage.


  • A tangible prototype designed to meet the core needs of your target users.

Market Insights

What Happens:

  • Collecting and analysing feedback from potential users and stakeholders.
  • Continual review of the product based on real-world data.


  • Reduced risk and a higher likelihood of a successful market launch.


What Happens:

  • Creation of a product roadmap based on market insights.
  • Agile product development using the latest materials and production methods.


  • A refined, market-ready product built for growth.


What Happens:

  • Collaboration with key partners for IP (Intellectual Property) protection, fundraising, and production.
  • Tooling and producing the first batch of your product.


  • Your product is fully realised and ready for market launch.

Kind words from our clients

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Product Design Services for Start-ups


How does D2M tailor its product development process for startups?
At D2M, we understand that startups have unique needs, timelines, and budgets. Our product development process is agile and adaptable to meet the rapid pace and innovative spirit that startups bring to the table. We offer specialised consultation during the Innovation Workshop stage to discuss your startup’s specific project ideas, risks, and requirements.
The Market Insight phase is crucial for startups to understand potential market reception and to refine the product accordingly. We offer a data-driven approach that includes collecting and analysing feedback from potential customers, as well as market research to gauge demand. This ensures that your startup is positioned for success upon launch.
Absolutely! We know that the journey doesn’t end with the product launch, especially for startups. With our trusted partners, we can assist in various post-launch activities, including but not limited to, IP protection, fundraising, quality control, marketing strategy and even sales.
We conduct thorough market research and feasibility studies to assess the viability of your product idea. This includes analysing market trends, evaluating potential competition, consideration of mass production costs and value engineering and ensuring that there’s a demand for your product. We also offer prototyping services to test and refine the concept before it hits the market.

We are upfront about the costs and work closely with you to develop a budget that fits your financial constraints. We offer flexible pricing models and can phase the design process to align with your funding milestones. Our goal is to make sure you get the most value out of your investment with us, without compromising the quality and integrity of your product design.

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