Product Styling

Initial development of the aesthetics of your product idea.

Design appealing products.

We love to style products and make them beautiful, using refined details, texture and texture change, unexpected materials, and exploration of colour.

What is Product Styling?

The overall styling direction of the product is key for many products and focuses on how the product looks and feels. This stage of work will typically focus on the form, selection of materials, exploration of colour and finish to ensure a beautiful aesthetic design is achieved.

Product Design Process
Concept Sketching

What might happen during this stage?

  1. Research into existing trends
  2. Multiple mood boards presented with different styling options
  3. Sketch concepts of different styles applied to your product
  4. Review of styles with possible consumers (please see page on focus groups)
  5. Selection of one styling direction based on the information presented and any feedback gained
  6. Development of the product into a final stylised concept.

What value does this stage add to my project?

This stage looks to make the product aesthetically desirable to the end consumer increasing the potential interest in the product.

Lupe Product Styling
stewart golf design

How much and how long?

This stage would typically take two to four weeks. The level that the styling is looked at can vary greatly based on the number of options presented or the type of product, for example how many parts come together as one product, so this stage can range from £1200 to £3000.

Why use D2M to do this stage?

Three simple reasons:

  • We are focused on your commercial success of your project.
  • We’ve spent years developing a process that manages the risk of new product development and gives you the best chance of success.
  • We have a diverse experienced team that can bring new innovation and creative thinking to your product during this stage.

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golf trolley concept development

Product styling Stage Examples

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