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Protecting your innovation is crucial in today’s competitive market. D2M’s Intellectual Property Review service is designed to safeguard your unique product ideas. We connect you with the right IP professionals, tailor a strategic approach to your product’s specific needs, and guide you through every step of securing your intellectual property. Let us help you turn your innovative ideas into protected assets, ensuring they remain uniquely yours.

Our Process

Identifying the Right Intellectual Property Professional

The first step in our Intellectual Property Review process is crucial – selecting the right IP professional with specific knowledge in your product’s technology or category. This step involves thoroughly understanding your product and its unique aspects, and then matching it with an IP attorney who has expertise in that particular field. This alignment ensures that the advice and strategies you receive are not only legally sound but also tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities presented by your specific product. D2M facilitates this matching process, leveraging our network of trusted IP professionals to find the perfect fit for your project.

Collaborative Review

Once the appropriate IP attorney is on board, the next step is a comprehensive review session. This meeting brings together your product designers and the chosen attorney to dive deep into the details of your innovation. The goal here is to uncover all potential areas of unique technology, innovative solutions, or special materials that set your product apart. This collaboration ensures that every potential avenue for IP protection is explored and that the unique elements of your design are clearly identified and understood.

Strategic IP Action Plan

The final step is about strategising the way forward. Based on the insights gained from the review, we work with you and the IP attorney to devise a plan of action. This plan includes consulting on the broader aspects of IP management, conducting searches to ensure your innovations are indeed unique, and determining the optimal timing for filing for IP protection. This stage is about making informed decisions that align with your product development timeline and business goals, ensuring that you’re not just protected but also positioned advantageously in the market. This strategic approach aims to maximise the protection of your intellectual property while aligning with your overall business strategy.

Risk Mitigation and Legal Protection

For a small business owner, navigating the complexities of intellectual property can be daunting. An Intellectual Property Review provides a safeguard against potential legal issues. By identifying areas where your product might inadvertently infringe on existing patents or trademarks, you can proactively make adjustments, significantly reducing the risk of costly legal action This review can also highlight areas where your intellectual property needs protection, ensuring you have exclusive rights to your innovations.

Intellectual Property review for a product designed by D2M

Strategic Business Advantage

Understanding the full scope of your intellectual property rights empowers you to make strategic business decisions. An IP Review can reveal opportunities for licensing, which can be an additional revenue stream. Moreover, it provides insight into the competitive landscape, helping you understand where your product stands in the market. This knowledge can guide your marketing strategy, product development, and long-term business planning, giving you a competitive edge. These reviews can also direct the future direction of the design helping to ensure your investment in product development can be protected and not appropriated by another business.

An Intellectual Property Review

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Enhanced Market Position and Valuation

For small businesses looking to attract investors or considering a sale, having a well-defined and protected IP portfolio significantly boosts your business’s valuation. Investors and buyers often assess the strength and security of a company’s intellectual property when making decisions. An IP Review help to assess how best to achieve this enviable position of a solid IP portfolio by ensuring there’s a plan for protecting these intangible assets.

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What is an Intellectual Property Review?

An Intellectual Property (IP) Review is a comprehensive assessment conducted to analyse a product or concept’s existing and potential intellectual property assets. This review aims to identify, protect, and maximise the value of innovations and creative works, ensuring that your intellectual property rights are secured and leveraged effectively.

Conducting an IP Review is crucial for safeguarding your product against infringement and potential legal disputes. It helps in understanding the scope of your IP rights, assesses the risks of infringing on others’ rights, and provides strategic advice on protecting and enhancing your product’s unique features and innovations.

An IP Review typically includes an assessment of patentability, trademark and design searches, evaluation of existing patents and trademarks, assessment of potential infringement risks, and recommendations for IP protection strategies. It may also involve exploring licensing opportunities or assessing the IP landscape relevant to your product.

The frequency of an IP Review depends on several factors, such as changes in your product design, developments in the market, and updates in IP laws. A regular review, perhaps annually or bi-annually, is recommended to ensure ongoing protection and to capitalise on new IP opportunities as your product evolves and the market landscape changes.

The frequency of an IP Review depends on several factors, such as changes in your product design, developments in the market, and updates in IP laws. A regular review, perhaps annually or bi-annually, is recommended to ensure ongoing protection and to capitalise on new IP opportunities as your product evolves and the market landscape changes.

Overview of IP Review

Our service is an essential step for any small business owner or entrepreneur before they fully commit to the production or public disclosure of their new product.

Prerequisites: A Fleshed-Out Concept

Before delving into the Intellectual Property Review, it’s imperative to have a well-developed concept. The more detailed and fleshed out your idea, the more effectively we can guide you through the IP protection process. This includes a clear understanding of your product’s design, its unique features, and potential innovations. The goal is to identify aspects of your product that are not only innovative but also eligible for intellectual property protection.

Step 1: Connecting with the Right IP Professionals

At D2M, we understand that every product and technology demands specific IP knowledge. We start by identifying and connecting you with the right intellectual property professionals from our trusted network. These experts share in our values of integrity, innovation, and client-focused service. Their specialised knowledge in various technology sectors ensures that you receive the most relevant and robust IP advice.

Step 2: Collaborative Review with Designers and Attorneys

The second step is a collaborative review involving you, your product designer, and the chosen IP attorney. This crucial meeting is where the potential for innovation, unique solutions, and novel technologies or materials in your product are discussed in detail. The collaboration between designers familiar with the nuances of your product and experienced attorneys ensures a comprehensive understanding of what aspects of your product can and should be protected.

Step 3: Strategic Action Plan

Following the review, we formulate a strategic action plan. This may involve conducting patent searches to ensure your idea is new, deciding on the types of IP protection suitable for your product, and planning the timing for filing these protections. Our aim is to provide you with a clear path forward, balancing the need for protection with the practicalities of bringing your product to market.

Beyond the Review: Next Steps

After the Intellectual Property Review, the next steps often involve more detailed patent searching or drafting patent applications. These steps are vital to solidify your product’s place in the market and protect it from potential infringers. Our network of IP experts will guide you through these processes, ensuring that your intellectual property strategy aligns with your broader business goals.

The D2M Difference: A Trusted Network and Collaborative Approach

D2M’s strength lies in our extensive network of IP experts, built over many years, and our collaborative approach that intertwines the expertise of designers and attorneys. This synergy ensures that every angle of your product’s IP is considered and protected.

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