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Packaging Direction

Packaging direction process starting on paper

Packaging is the first tangible encounter a customer has with your product, playing a crucial role beyond just being a protective shell. It’s an integral product experience, encapsulating your brand’s essence, values, and promise. Our specialised service in “Packaging Direction” focuses on this critical aspect, ensuring that every package is not just a container but a strategic element in presenting your product.

Our approach to packaging direction revolves around exploring and identifying the most suitable structural solutions for your product’s packaging. We delve into different packaging styles and structures to determine which best showcases your product, resonates with your brand, and provides optimum protection. This service is vital in aligning the packaging design with your product’s unique characteristics and market position.

Our Process

Ideate & Understand:

Effective packaging design stems from a nuanced understanding and strategic collaboration. In this phase, we blend your insights, born from the product development journey we’ve shared, with our packaging expertise.

Focused Consultation:

Rather than a broad introductory session, our initial consultation in this stage is more of a strategic alignment meeting. Whether we’ve been alongside you in developing the product or you are a new client, now, our goal is to crystallise how the packaging can best communicate your product’s unique value and functionality. We’ll explore:

Communication Priorities: Pinpointing the key messages and values your packaging must convey to resonate with your audience.

Structural Possibilities: Discuss various structural designs and formats that not only capture attention but are also practical and feasible. This exploration includes deliberating on shapes, materials, and the physical interaction a user will have with your product’s packaging.

Practicality Analysis:

Understanding the logistical challenges is paramount. How will the product be shipped? What are the storage conditions? How will it be displayed on retail shelves? These questions guide us, ensuring that our designs are rooted in reality.

This phase ensures that our journey starts with a clear roadmap.

By marrying your vision with our insights, we set the stage for captivating and practical designs.

Design & Prototype:

This phase marks the convergence of creative vision and practical application. Our goal is to translate our shared understanding into tangible packaging solutions.


Our design process begins by developing multiple packaging concepts. These initial designs are not just about striking visuals but also incorporate crucial elements like product safety, storage efficiency, and logistical practicality. These conceptual sketches provide a broad spectrum of ideas, setting the stage for more concrete development.

Rapid Prototyping:

In our approach, prototyping isn’t about creating polished, final products from the get-go. Instead, we focus on rapid, rough mockups. This approach allows us to:

  • Test and Visualise Quickly: By creating basic models of the packaging concepts, we can rapidly assess fit, form, and function, ensuring the product is snug, secure, and presented appealingly.
  • Iterate Efficiently: Quick-turnaround mockups mean we can adapt and evolve our designs promptly, saving time and resources. This process isn’t about perfection on the first try; it’s about exploring practical, feasible options and refining them through swift cycles of iteration.

Feedback Loop:

Your involvement and feedback are crucial during this stage. As we progress through these rapid cycles of prototyping and feedback, each iteration hones the design closer to an ideal balance of aesthetic, function, and brand alignment. This collaborative process ensures that the final design truly resonates with your vision and meets the practical requirements of your product.

Finalise & Guide:

As we finalise the packaging direction, we set the stage for the detailed design process that follows. Think of this stage as laying down the architectural blueprint before moving into the intricate interior or exterior design.

Concluding the Direction:

At this juncture, we aim to cement the comprehensive packaging concept, establishing a robust and practical blueprint for the intricate design phase. We are committed to confirming that the chosen direction perfectly aligns with the product’s identity, logistical needs, and broader brand strategy.

Setting the Stage for Design:

Once we’ve agreed on the general packaging direction, we begin prepping for the next crucial phase: the detailed Packaging Design. Here, the focus shifts from broad strokes to careful execution. We start considering:

  • Design Development: At the core of our design process is the communication strategy, ensuring that the packaging not only catches the eye but also speaks volumes about your product. While establishing the fundamental structure and style is the first step, we prioritise the development of design elements that directly enhance your product’s narrative.
  • Manufacturing Prep: Our direction serves as a guide for the detailed specifications and guidelines needed for production. This includes considerations for cost-effective manufacturing, sustainable material options, and efficient logistics.

Transitioning to Detailed Design:

The handover from packaging direction to packaging design is seamless. We ensure all foundational decisions made during the direction phase are carried forward, setting a clear path for the intricate work that will bring the packaging to life.

  • Continued Collaboration: As we transition, we maintain an open line of communication with you. This ensures that the final design remains true to the initial vision while adapting to any new insights or constraints that may have emerged.
  • Ready for the Next Steps: By the end of the packaging direction phase, you’ll have a comprehensive strategy to be translated into detailed, production-ready designs in the next stage.

At D2M, we pledge to craft packaging that transcends mere containment. With our precise three-step process, we strive to forge a protective and captivating exterior that ensures your product makes an unforgettable first impression.

Seamless Logistical Harmony

When considering packaging, aesthetic appeal is undeniably crucial. But what’s equally vital is the logistical efficiency. By choosing our Packaging Direction service, you are not just investing in a visually appealing outer layer for your product. You’re ensuring this packaging is tailored to be as cost-effective, space-efficient, and protective as possible.

Our design philosophy allows for ample branding space, clear instructions, and compelling stories that resonate with your customers. We focus on crafting packages that are not only visually appealing and protective but also informative, providing room to showcase your product’s unique features and benefits. This strategy guarantees that when your product is on display, it communicates effectively with shoppers, striking the perfect balance between visual appeal and informative content.

Our Packaging Direction service goes beyond the mere look of the packaging. We delve deep into understanding your product and brand ethos to create packaging that resonates with your values, captivates your audience, and addresses the practicalities of product security, transportation, and retail display. This holistic approach results in packaging that is not just beautiful and functional but also an integral part of your product’s success story.

Packaging direction for Tofu Press

Enhanced Brand Resonance

In today’s saturated marketplace, it’s not just about having a great product; it’s about ensuring your product communicates its greatness at first glance. Our packaging direction aims to make your product’s external presentation a reflection of its internal value.

When a potential customer sees your product on a shelf or online, the packaging can be the deciding factor between picking it up or scrolling past. With D2M’s expertly directed packaging, your product tells its story before it’s out of the box, creating an immediate emotional connection with the customer.

It’s more than just packaging—it’s your product’s silent ambassador, beckoning consumers with its promise of quality and uniqueness.

Packaging direction meeting

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Production support in a manufacturers

Comprehensive Support from Concept to Shelf

A hallmark of our Packaging Direction service is our unwavering dedication to your product’s trajectory—from the initial concept to its proud placement on store shelves.

Our involvement extends beyond the design finalisation. We recognise the complexities involved in the leap from blueprint to bulk production. At D2M, we stand by your side during the production phase, safeguarding the design’s fidelity throughout the manufacturing process. Our end-to-end support is designed to preempt and address any production issues, ensuring that the packaging of every unit produced remains true to your original vision.

D2M’s Packaging Direction service is more than just about designing a box. It’s about crafting a holistic experience for the brand and its customers. Every touchpoint is an opportunity to impress, resonate, and create lasting loyalty from when a consumer sees your product to when they hold it.

With our expertise, your product is well-protected and perfectly presented, making it primed for market success.

Packaging direction process starting on paper


What is packaging direction, and how does it differ from traditional packaging design?

Packaging direction establishes the overall structural and functional concept of a product’s packaging. It involves deciding on the best shape, material, and design to protect and display the product effectively. The focus is determining how the packaging will function regarding protection, display, and practicality (e.g., storage, shipping).

In contrast, packaging design delves into the finer details of this concept. It encompasses the development of the graphics, branding, and messaging that will appear on the packaging. While packaging direction sets the stage for the packaging’s physical form and function, packaging design is a graphic design endeavour to communicate the brand’s message and product’s benefit.

Packaging direction can be the linchpin to a successful product launch. By strategically crafting packaging that resonates with target audiences, aligns with brand values, and ensures logistical efficiency, brands can create a powerful first impression, foster better brand recall, and ensure smooth distribution. This approach minimises unforeseen logistical challenges, reduces costs, and ensures that the product stands out in terms of design and functionality in a competitive marketplace.

When seeking packaging direction consultancy, brands should focus on:

  • Experience and Expertise: How well-versed is the consultant in the nuances of packaging direction?
  • Strategic Alignment: Does the consultant’s approach align with your brand’s objectives and market positioning?
  • Logistical Considerations: Beyond design, does the consultancy consider aspects like manufacturing and shipping?
  • Integration with Broader Brand Strategy: How well does the consultant understand and integrate the packaging direction with your brand strategy and identity?

Packaging direction and design are two sides of the same coin. While packaging design focuses on the creative and visual elements of your product’s outer layer, packaging direction sets the strategic foundation for this design. Without direction, you might end up with aesthetically pleasing packaging that falls short in practicality or doesn’t resonate with your target audience. Integrating both services ensures your packaging is visually captivating, strategically sound, efficient, and aligned with your brand’s objectives and market goals.

Packaging direction and design are two sides of the same coin. While packaging design focuses on the creative and visual elements of your product’s outer layer, packaging direction sets the strategic foundation for this design. Without direction, you might end up with aesthetically pleasing packaging that falls short in practicality or doesn’t resonate with your target audience. Integrating both services ensures your packaging is visually captivating, strategically sound, efficient, and aligned with your brand’s objectives and market goals.

Overview of Packaging Direction

In the competitive retail landscape, successful product design hinges on a blend of creativity, practicality, and foresight, especially when it comes to packaging. Our methodology underscores this balance, marrying aesthetics with function. This philosophy is exemplified in our work for CozyGlow — the sought-after nightlight for babies and toddlers.

Originally, CozyGlow’s packaging was conceived as a pyramid-shaped box, an ambitious design that, while visually striking, soon encountered significant practical hurdles. The manufacturer highlighted the complexities in producing such a shape, the inefficiencies in shipping, and the inability to effectively stack the boxes, resulting in shipping empty space — a costly and environmentally unfriendly scenario.

Our team stepped in at this critical juncture. Reassessing the packaging direction, we aimed to address the key issues: product protection, retail display compatibility, shipping efficiency, and packing ease. These criteria are vital, particularly in the nursery sector, where safety and practicality are paramount. We developed three alternative packaging directions, focusing on streamlined shapes that could be easily stacked and shipped, thereby maximising space and reducing costs.

The client ultimately selected one of our proposed designs. This design not only ensured the CozyGlow nightlight was safely encased and visually appealing on the shelves but also allowed for practical considerations like minimum order quantities and shipping logistics. A packing carton with a set quantity, such as 20 units, could be straightforwardly dispatched to retailers, simplifying the supply chain process.

Why Prioritise Packaging Direction?

Fundamentally, packaging safeguards your product, but its true value lies in its ability to extend your brand’s reach. Savvy businesses and product leaders understand that strategic packaging design can elevate their brand and captivate customers at first glance.

Opting for a tailored packaging direction ensures your product not only reaches consumers unscathed but also serves as a bold ambassador of your brand’s ethos and distinct allure.

Prerequisites for the Service

Before we embark on the journey of packaging direction, we require a few essentials:

  • Product Information: A thorough understanding of the product’s size, shape, and fragility will guide our design choices.
  • Design Inspirations: Any pre-existing designs or themes that align with your vision can serve as a reference, ensuring our direction resonates with your expectations.
  • Logistics & Distribution Insights: Details about storage, shipping, and retail displays help craft attractive and practical packaging.

The Next Steps Post-Service

Once the packaging direction is set, we pivot to refinement and practical execution, guaranteeing a seamless journey for the product from concept to customer’s hands:

  • Material Selection: A critical step following the establishment of packaging direction is choosing the suitable materials. This decision is crucial not only for maintaining the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of the design but also for ensuring optimal protection of the product within.
  • Mockup Creation: Rather than extensive market testing, our approach involves creating rough mockups. These mockups allow us to experiment with different formats swiftly and identify any potential issues in the early stages. This process is efficient and effective, providing a tangible sense of how the packaging will look and function and helping to make any necessary adjustments before proceeding to the next phase.
  • Refinement and Finalisation: While detailed design is typically completed during the ‘Packaging Design’ stage, the post-direction phase still involves a significant amount of refinement. Adjustments and final touches are made in response to the insights gained from our mockup evaluations, ensuring that every aspect of the packaging aligns with the initial vision and practical requirements.

By focusing on these critical areas, we bridge the gap between the conceptual packaging direction and its real-world application, setting the stage for a successful and smooth introduction into the market.

Why D2M for Packaging Direction?

  • Experience & Insight: Our extensive work across diverse sectors has enriched our understanding of packaging nuances, helping us to create packaging that stands out.
  • Tailored Approach: We understand that every product is distinct. Our direction is customised around your product, ensuring a result that’s as unique as what’s inside.
  • End-to-End Vision: We don’t see the packaging in isolation. We understand its role in the broader product journey, from manufacturing to the hands of the consumer.

Limitations of the Service

It’s essential to recognise certain constraints related to our packaging direction service:

  • Feasibility Constraints: While creativity knows no bounds, the manufacturability of specific designs can be a limiting factor.
  • Time Commitment: Crafting the ideal packaging direction is an intricate process, and while we’re committed to promptness, excellence demands patience.
  • Logistical Considerations: Some attractive designs must be revised in shipping or retail display. Our approach, though innovative, always respects these practical considerations.

Distinctive packaging can set you apart in the ever-competitive retail world, where products constantly jostle for consumer attention. With D2M’s packaging direction service, we ensure your product doesn’t just reach the consumer but makes a lasting impression even before it’s unveiled.

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