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Patent Drafting

Patent drafting

Overview of Patent Drafting

Securing Your Innovation: Patent Drafting by D2M

In the dynamic terrain of new product development, securing your invention with a well-drafted patent is not just a legal formality but a strategic asset. D2M’s Patent Drafting service is a collaborative effort between our experienced designers and our trusted chartered patent attorney partners. This service is vital for entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking to protect their innovations effectively and sustainably.

Strategic Collaboration: Designer and Attorney Partnership

At the heart of our service is the synergy between our seasoned designers and expert patent attorneys. This partnership ensures that your patent application is not only legally sound but also covers a broad scope of protection. Our designers work closely with the attorneys to explore and include alternative concepts and embodiments, ensuring a comprehensive protection for your idea.

Step 1: Concept Analysis and Attorney Selection

We begin by thoroughly analysing your concept, identifying its unique and novel aspects that need protection. Based on this analysis, we pair you with a chartered patent attorney who shares our values and has a proven track record in drafting successful patent applications in your specific field.

Step 2: Collaborative Drafting Process

In this crucial phase, our designer works in tandem with the selected attorney to draft your patent application. This collaboration ensures that every innovative aspect of your design is captured and protected. Our designers contribute their technical and creative insights, ensuring the patent application is not only legally robust but also reflects a deep understanding of your product’s unique features and potential variations.

Step 3: Comprehensive Protection and Submission

The final step involves refining the patent draft to cover all bases, ensuring broad and effective protection. The attorney finalises the legal and technical aspects of the application, while our designers ensure that all possible variations of your concept are considered. This comprehensive approach provides you with the peace of mind that your investment in innovation is securely protected. Once you’re satisfied, the application is submitted for examination.

Involvement Throughout for Peace of Mind

Throughout the patent drafting process, your involvement and feedback are crucial. We ensure you are engaged at every step, providing inputs and making informed decisions. This collaborative approach not only enhances the quality of your patent application but also gives you a clear understanding and confidence in the protection being sought.

Why Choose D2M for Patent Drafting?

Choosing D2M for your patent drafting needs means you’re opting for a service that goes beyond mere legal formalities. Our approach is designed to secure your innovation comprehensively, taking into account the commercial and technical aspects of your product. We understand that a well-drafted patent is a crucial component in protecting the overall investment in your product development journey.

Although we work closely with a few select attorneys who work seamlessly with our designers we are not owned by or partnered with a single patent attorney firm. This means that you can be reassured that you are getting wholly independent advice without any conflict of interest.

Conclusion: A Foundation for Future Success

With D2M’s Patent Drafting service, you’re not just filing a patent application; you’re laying a solid foundation for your product’s future success. Our combination of design creativity, legal expertise, and strategic thinking ensures that your innovation is protected in the most effective way possible, giving you the freedom to focus on bringing your product to market with confidence.

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