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D2M is the leading UK product design agency for developing and prototyping nursery products

At D2M we have over a decade of experience developing baby products for many clients. We are exceptionally skilled in the design and prototyping of baby products, ranging from pushchairs, baby bouncers and car seats to changing bags, baby accessories and other nursery products including furniture.

Design of travel systems and pushchairs have improved in many ways over the years. We see more and more innovative products come to the forefront. As a leading specialist pushchair design company, we have taken problem solving ideas, created innovative prototypes and worked with manufacturers to provide products that parents love. We’ve even reinvented the wheel but a smoother ride. Find out more about designing pushchairs:

Pushchair Development.

Car Seat Development involves a critical combination of textiles and hardgoods design whilst ensuring strict observance to the car seat regulations. D2M’s senior design team have developed various car seats previously for known brands. Find out more: 

Car-Seat design & prototyping

Changing Bag Design involves an incredible eye for detail, quality of materials and an understanding of the necessary functionality.  D2M’s senior design team have developed various mummy bags previously for start-ups particularly. Find out more:

Changing Bag Design

Textiles product development is a huge part of designing many different baby products including the development of slings and carriers. D2M specialises as a baby product design agency in completing significant research, testing, and validation of new material choices. Sourcing the correct materials, that were natural and chemical-free, was a vital part in the process. Find out more:

Textile Baby Product Development

Nursery Furniture Design is also something D2M has many years experience of carrying out for SMEs. We have designed cots, cot top changers and nursing chairs over the last 10 years working in the nursery industry as leading designers.

Didofy pushchairs
baby bouncer sketch
Ark changing bag

Baby Product Design Case Studies

Below are just a few of the different baby and nursery products that we have designed and prototyped. We also source manufacturers and can guide our clients through to tooling and production, if required. Our designs have won multiple UK and European design awards for innovative baby products.

Milk Monster is an innovative timer product to prevent potential illness in infants through feeding formula or breast milk that has been left out too long. With parents always seeking ways to make feeding time that little bit easier, Milk Monster offers a great way for mums and dads to ensure that breast or formula milk is still safe for consumption. Simple, yet effective, the timer can be attached to bottles of any size and has a multitude of features to ensure it is child-friendly and safe for baby. The glow-in-the-dark feature and the backlit screen allow parents to read the timer in the dark, which is perfect for night feeds. The splash-proof, dishwasher-friendly design also means the Milk Monster can withstand anything baby throws at it – literally! Milk Monster was exhibited at the Harrogate Nursery fair where it won the innovation award! Milk Monster is available to buy on Amazon.

CozyGlo was established after realising the lack of quality children’s night lights on the market. A multi-purpose night light, with functions including a dimmer, clock, stopwatch, light alarm and thermometer, would make the lives of exhausted parents significantly easier. We were approached to develop 3 versions of the light: Papa Penguin, Colonel Comfort and Beatrice the Rescue Dog. The process of developing Cozyglo involved CAD and electronics development to ensure that the lights were production-ready and produce a warm reassuring glow. We have produced a number of prototypes in order to tweak and refine the wonderful characters. CozyGlo is now available to buy in retailers across the country including Amazon.

Flannel Fingers

Award winning Flannel fingers are soft Organic cotton gloves with snug fitting cuffs. They fit as a second skin so even when wet and soapy you can hold babies securely without the fear of them slipping. Active toddlers are also far easier to wash thoroughly when you don’t have to think about holding on to a flannel. These bath gloves allow parents to wash with an open hand giving extra support to babies and a confidence that they are in a safe environment. Textile development was the key process in making these organic cotton gloves. We have an inhouse textile studio which is fully equipped with three industrial sewing machines, suitable for most processes and material types.

Do you have any innovative baby product ideas?

We’ve worked with a number of clients to bring innovative baby products to the market. Take a look at them and some of the other products we’ve worked on in our case studies section.

The baby and nursery sector is a huge market and one that’s likely to keep growing, especially after all these lockdowns…. So it’s a great time to be developing new baby products. Do you have an innovative baby product idea or are you a business looking to revamp or expand your existing product range? Contact us today and we can arrange a call to discuss your project requirements.

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