Ventz BRIEF Ventz provides a simple, efficient method of ventilation for motorcyclists. In hot weather, riders often experience uncomfortably high temperatures beneath their protective leather clothing. When client Martin Warren witnessed the unzipped jacket of a fellow motorcyclist flap up, obscuring the rider’s vision, he decided there must be a better, safer way to cool […]


HydraForm Leggings BRIEF To design a piece of sportswear that seamlessly integrated the thermal application to aid performance and recovery while providing a comfortable and exclusive look and feel. The Hydraform Leggings are based on the same fabric used to create the sportswear top which D2M designed previously. PROCESS D2M developed a long sleeve sportswear […]

Stewart Golf R1

Stewart Golf Trolley R1 Push

Stewart Golf R1 Push DESCRIPTION The R1 Push is a stunning looking golf trolley that is now being sold worldwide having beencompletely re-designed from the ground up by D2M and the engineers at Stewart Golf. The R1 Push is the fruit of a combined develop effort between D2M and golf equipmentmanufacturer Stewart Golf. The R1 […]


Innovative cycling light successfully licensed to Oxford Products.

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