Rucksack Manufacturing

An introduction to manufacturing new rucksacks.

This is the part when your rucksack really starts to come to life. Producing a new rucksack is at the manufacturing stage and this can take some time. There are many things you need to consider during this stage and even with a carefully designed production plan, there’s no guarantees the manufacturing stage will run smoothly. 

The first step in the manufacturing process is to choose a factory to produce your rucksack. You can either choose to manufacture your product in the UK, Europe, further abroad or the Far East. Manufacturing your rucksack the most cost effective way, is usually finding a manufacturing partner abroad. The production costs will be much lower however, you must consider the duty rates and shipping costs – as well as any issues that could arise through difficulties in communicating and cultural differences. Some of the biggest exporters of rucksacks or any textile goods abroad are China, the United States and Turkey.

To help you choose a factory abroad, you could hire a sourcing agent – these agents will act as a middleman between you and the manufacturer. Often sourcing agents will have their own trusted manufacturing partners that you can choose from. If you decide to produce your product in the UK, it’s often easier to negotiate directly with the factory and you’ll be able to conduct more research into the factory’s reputation. However, be aware that manufacturing in the UK is often much more expensive. If you’re making a textile product, you should also be aware that some items simply cannot be manufactured in the UK. No matter if you choose to manufacture in the UK or abroad, there are a few key things to remember when working with a manufacturer.

You should first always ask for samples of your product before committing to any orders, and always ask to see references for the factory. You should also try and visit the factory you want to work with, as making the wrong decision at this stage could put a halt to the whole development of your product.

Here are a few tips that we share with all clients that can help minimise any manufacturing problems:

  1. Get as much advice as you can from people you know in the industry
  2. Have a backup plan – it’s better to prepared for potential scenarios and plan ahead
  3. Dedicate as much time as you can to the process for maximum results
  4. Focus on the details – the smallest details of your contracts and manufacturing process can cause big problems for your product
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Before you place any orders, your factory should always send you samples of your product first.

If your rucksack product is made of metal or plastic you might need to create specific mould tools before asking for the samples. It might cost some extra money but think of it as a necessary expense. Meanwhile if your rucksack product is textile-based, sampling will allow you to change aspects of the product such as the stitching technique, the colours or the quality of the fabrics.

At the end of the sampling process you will get what it is commonly called a “gold sample”. This is the sample against which every unit of the product will be measured so it needs to be checked to the minimum detail.

Sampling is a crucial step and you want to make sure you’re completely happy with your sports product before making an order.

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At D2M, we’ve worked with plenty of clients to help bring their innovative rucksack products to the market.

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