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Developing new bag products ideas is a long complex process but you don’t have to face it on your own. At D2M we can help you through the every step of the way from the concept design to the manufacturing of the final product. With our over 10 years of experience, the development of your new bag product idea is in the best hands.

Developing bag product ideas

There’s always opportunity for different kinds of bags to enter the market. Be it safer computer bags, practical solutions for carrying groceries, lighter gym bags or even more comfortable maternity bags, you new bag product idea has a place. At D2M we are happy to help you through the new bag product development process and bring our experience and skills to make your idea the best bag product it can be.

This is how the process of developing bag product ideas goes:

Designing a new bag product

The very first step of any new bag product development journey is to conceptualize and design your idea. This is usually a very fun and interesting part of the process, because you and our creative team of designers come together to shape your idea into the most attractive and functional product possible.

The creative team will not only design the product in a visual way but they will also make suggestions and bring ideas about possible materials and technologies for you to consider. At D2M we often create virtual (CAD) models of the new bag product design. This is very useful to gather information and feedback from the target market

At the end of the designing process, our team will provide an evaluation on the commercial risks and viability of the new bag product idea that will help you assess the costs of production and make vital decisions such as the price.

If you would like to know more about designing a new bag product idea just click here.

Prototyping new bag products

Once you have a viable new bag product design, at D2M we can begin creating the first prototype. This is vital when developing bag product ideas.

Prototyping new bag products can be more or less expensive and time consuming depending on the materials involved but it is a very important step. It allows testing how the product works, its durability and the time and money it takes to produce a single unit. It can also help identify flaws in the design that wasn’t possible to see during the previous stage. Once the prototype of the new bag product is finished and tested, we can begin the next step.

Manufacturing new bag products

With a fully tested and polished prototype, the new bag product development journey is almost finished. Now we can begin fabricating your product in bulk. This is the moment when you will need to take into consideration other aspects related to your product. How is it going to be packed, distributed, Quality Control, etc. You will also need to choose a factory to produce the new bag product. If your bag product is textile-based, it is very possible that you might not find a UK based manufacturer.

The manufacturing of new bag products is intimidating but we can help you if contact us today.

Sell your new bag products

Don’t let anyone fool you. Marketing the new bag product is a long term strategy. We recommend you start as soon as the prototype is viable or even earlier. You can begin by creating a crowdfunding campaign. This is very useful because it will help you with the financial costs as well as create a base community of people intrigued and interested in your new bag product.

It is also highly recommended that you create social media and design a campaign to reach as many people as possible.

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Bag Product Design Case Studies

Below are just a few of the different sports products that we have designed and prototyped. We also source manufacturers and can guide our clients through to tooling and production, if required. 

Let us help you bring your new product to market.

If you’re looking to develop a new product or re-design an existing range but lack the in-house capacity or expertise to make it a reality, get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements. 

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All the secrets, tips and tricks to finding the right product design partner.

Download D2M's PDF guide now and say goodbye to costly missteps and wasted R&D funds.

Secrets, tips & tricks to finding the right product design partner.

Download D2M's PDF guide now and say goodbye to costly missteps and wasted R&D funds.
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