Prototyping New Bag Products

An introduction to prototyping bags.

Out team at D2M have wide experience in prototyping new bag products which is a key step of the development process. By creating a bag product prototype, we can determine in detail the overall appearance, the functionality, the usability and the design for production. For simple designs we can design and create 2 or maybe 3 bag product prototypes, while more complex items can be prototyped 2 or 3 times.

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As we mentioned above, the prototyping stage is one of, if not the most, important part of the project. Yes, it is a costly and time consuming stage but with the help of an experience team and a well thought design, prototyping a new bag product can save you a lot of money and troubles later on.

Here are some of the reasons why creating a new bag product prototype is crucial:   

  1. It will help you identify usability problems early in the process.
  2. A bag product prototype allows you to test the product and make it even more efficient and interesting.
  3. You can solve whatever problems you find before starting the production process.
  4. There is nothing like a prototype to illustrate your new bag product idea to important people such as stakeholders and investors.
  5. You can show your bag product prototype to the potential market and begin gathering comments and opinions on the product before it is actually on the market.
  6. Using a prototype you can create different kinds of content to share on social media and other platforms in order to rise the expectations of the public.

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Designing a Bag

You can divide the different types of prototypes according to the materials they are built with (plastic, wood, textile, metal, etc), according to the objective of the prototype (exclusively visual prototypes, proof of concept prototypes, pre-production prototypes…) or even according to how much the bag product prototype resembles the final product:

Bag product prototype with low fidelity

An initial or low fidelity prototype is the cheapest and fastest kind of prototype to produce. It is useful to test the key functions of the product and overall shape with a lower cost. Low fidelity prototypes can also be modified easily if needed. However, it is unlikely to be able to find every problem with the product design using only this type of prototype.

Medium fidelity bag product prototype

This is the next step. The medium fidelity prototype doesn’t include all the details but it gives a more accurate sense of how the product looks like and works. Once the team has tested and agreed on the most important characteristics of the product, we proceed to create a medium fidelity prototype. Using this kind of prototype is usually enough to identify any remaining problems with the product design.

High fidelity prototypes

A high fidelity prototype is built with very similar materials and finishes as the final product, with the objective of making it feel and look as similar to the final product as possible. This is the most expensive type of prototype to develop but it also gives the most accurate idea of the time and resources that will be needed to produce one unit of the product.

Usually, this kind of prototype is only made once every aspect of the product has been tested and verified.

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changing bag

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