Designing a New Bag Idea

An introduction to designing bags. 

D2M is a team of product designers with over 10 years of experience designing new bag products. If you have an exciting idea to design a new bag product we can help you make it into a reality. Talk to us about your idea and we will work together to turn it into a marketable product.

Creating a new bag product design is one of our favourite steps from developing process. It is a very exciting and creative stage that involves both the client and the team of designers working together to achieve a full viable product.

These are the steps of designing new bag products:

Assess viability of the idea

Before diving into the actual designing process it is important to assess if your new bag product idea is viable. In other words, can it actually be done and become a successful product. We understand that it is easy to lose focus with the excitement of a new idea but the viability assessment will save you some trouble and money in the following stages of the process.

It is recommended to count with professionals to gather the relevant data necessary for the assessment. You can contact us now if you would like us to help you with your project.

These are some of the questions that need to be answered before starting the designing process:

  1. What real need does your new bag product idea fulfil?
  2. What is the potential buyer of this product? Is there a market?
  3. Is it possible to patent the product or protect it through other intellectual property means?
  4. Is there a similar bag product already on the market? Which companies are your main competition?
  5. What makes your new bag product idea different from others?
  6. How much money and time will it take to produce the product?
  7. How much will the product cost, approximately? Will your target market be able to afford it?
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Product Design Team meeting

Once you know your bag product idea is doable, we can begin with the real fun part of the project. The concept design stage is when you and our team D2M come together to define the details of the new bag product idea.

Designing new bag products looks like this:

  1. Researching: First of all, our team researches any technologies and materials that might be necessary to create your bag product.
  2. Sketching: The designers at D2M will use fast techniques and computer drawings to create a visual general idea of the new bag product idea design.
  3. Product Styling: Considering the overall appearance more than the usability at this stage, the team will work on shaping the product based on the sketches.
  4. Design for Visualisation: The goal of this step is to achieve a more detailed and visual design of the new bag product idea. This more specific design helps obtain financial investment and feedback from the potential market.

At D2M we are professionals with over 10 years of experience designing new bag product ideas. Contact us now to talk about your product idea and leave your project in the best hands.

Prototype design of a new bag product

By the end of the concept design stage the creative team will have a very detailed idea of the materials, functionality and finish of the product.

With all this information, they will create a CAD or 3D digital design. This model is very useful to review the product and visualize it. With it you can start creating expectation for the product and gather some more financial investment if necessary before actually going into the prototyping process.


Designing a Bag

Let us help you bring your new product to market.

If you’re looking to develop a new product or re-design an existing range but lack the in-house capacity or expertise to make it a reality, get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements. 

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All the secrets, tips and tricks to finding the right product design partner.

Download D2M's PDF guide now and say goodbye to costly missteps and wasted R&D funds.

Secrets, tips & tricks to finding the right product design partner.

Download D2M's PDF guide now and say goodbye to costly missteps and wasted R&D funds.
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