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Since every project we work on is unique, it is difficult to give a specific cost until we see your idea. It very much depends on the nature of your idea and how much work will go into developing it. Some clients only want a small amount of work done, for others it can be a case of utilising every service we offer, right through from a feasibility assessment to producing a working prototype and sourcing a manufacturing partner. Some projects may cost just a few thousand pounds, whilst the development of other more complex ideas can be into tens of thousands of pounds. We can provide you with a free, no obligation quote if it’s a product we feel we can help you develop.

Yes. Before you disclose your idea to us we ask you to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure
Agreement) which has also been signed by us. This effectively means that we cannot give details of your project idea to anyone outside our company, except our working partners who will also have signed an NDA with us.

IP Attorneys are bound by strict confidentiality obligations and are subject to disciplinary procedures and loss of their right to practice if they breach their obligations under the Rules of Conduct set by the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA). Therefore you can reveal your concept to an attorney. There’s no need to ask them to sign an NDA because they’re already bound by rules of conduct set down by their professional body to complete discretion.

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Firstly, the NDA would prevent anything like this from happening. Secondly, we at D2M work to the ethos of honesty and integrity and our main focus is purely to help our clients develop profitable and successful products which belong solely to them.

D2M do not enter into licensing agreements with any of our clients. The reasons for this are: if we agree to a licence deal based on the product being successful, we are therefore providing all our services free up front. Eventually a company working on this basis wouldfold, whilst waiting for the payment based on profits. Similarly, our MD has found through past experience that clients do not want to pay sums of their profits back to us at a later date.

A member of the team will contact you to arrange a phone call to discuss the idea in further depth, if it’s an idea we feel we can develop. If it’s an idea that falls outside our expertise, we will be in contact to inform you why we are unable to progress any further with your idea.

These discussions will enable us to verify whether your idea is viable and how we may be able to assist you. After the discussion we will produce a proposal with estimate time scales and costings along with a contract.

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D2M has contacts with government funding bodies, angel investors, investor networks, crowd funding websites and also innovation voucher schemes. Contact us to receive a copy of our funding pdf.

No. You will be expected to pay for each stage of work upfront. Once each stage is paid for, the designer will begin the work. At the conclusion of a stage, you and your designer will enter into discussions about the next step forward. At this point, the next stage will be invoiced if appropriate to continue.

If you intend to approach investors, or funding bodies, having a business already set up is often a pre-requisite. Never approach a manufacturer unless you have a NDA or IP Protection in place.

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Initially it is probably easier to say areas that we do not work in: we do not have facilities for app development or for business ideas facilitated through the internet. Primarily, we are a product design company, able to help with both the product and the packaging. We also have a range of products across many various materials. We have designers with experience in mechanical engineering, house-hold products and contacts in incorporating electronics within our products. We have a lot of experience in Rucksacks and in textile products. Recently we have developed many mother and baby products.

A patent offers protection for your product regarding the functionality and not the appearance. It discourages others from seeking to copy your product. However, if a copy is made, it is your responsibility to sue for infringement on your patent which is a costly and lengthy business.

A patent offers protection for your product regarding the functionality and not the appearance. It discourages others from seeking to copy your product. However, if a copy is made, it is your responsibility to sue for infringement on your patent which is a costly and lengthy business.

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This is a logo that is instantly recognisable as being your brand name.

Patents last for 20 years, as long as the renewal fees are maintained.

We would prefer to sign our NDA with you and receive your idea submission form prior to
booking a meeting, for the following reasons: once we have seen your idea, we may feel that it is not viable and therefore not want to waste your time attending a meeting to be
told we are unable to help. Booking a meeting may also mean a delay, particularly if you wish to meet in London.

Why not get in touch to discuss your project?

If you are looking for a UK based product design company, then get in touch with us today. We look forward to helping you design, prototype and launch your new product.

Our head office is in Cheltenham, we can also carry out skype calls or telephone conference calls.

We outsource machining and 3D printing of components. We do have extensive prototyping facilities on site in Cheltenham for fabrication, prototype assembly and testing. However if it is more cost effective, depending on the prototyping requirements, we may work with companies in the, UK, EU and Far East who have signed NDA agreements with us.

Yes, an NDA does not tie you to use us, it just offers you assurance that your idea is safe with us and we will not disclose it or steal it from you.

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The timescale of your project depends on the complexity of your idea. Ideally if all runs
smoothly, it may take between nine months and a year to reach the conclusion of a project, however prototyping and sampling can often present delays through the communication with manufacturing companies in the Far East which can add additional time.

Yes. Our company motto is honesty and integrity and we have been known on several
occasions to inform potential clients that their idea is not one worth progressing, giving
reasons behind such a decision. As far as we can, we try to be realistic with you about the
process and the cost involved. Our reputation rests upon our honesty and integrity and we would not want to risk jeopardising this by providing anything less and upon request we can provide references if necessary.

Once you have commissioned the initial stage of work, your project will be assigned to the designer we feel best suits your needs. They will then be the principle designer on your project, but we do aim to encourage an atmosphere of collaboration to ensure your project from every possible angle. Phil Staunton, D2M’s MD is responsible for overseeing all projects, giving advice where necessary. Your primary contact will always be your
designated designer.

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