Product Innovation Starter Pack

Product Innovation Starter Pack

Having worked with hundreds of Start-Ups and SMEs we’ve learned a thing or so about getting a project off to the right start! This bundle of resources brings together four essentials to give your project the best chance of success. Don’t miss out on this invaluable guide to getting started with developing a new product! […]

The exact method I used to raise £634,000 for my startup

Funding new product

  The Exact Method I Used to Raise £634,675 to Develop and Launch my New Product In this blog post, I’m going to share with you the exact method I used to raise nearly £635,000 in order to fund and launch my product. This figure might seem extraordinary, but it wasn’t a smooth process – […]

Four ways to fund your product idea

Four ways to fund your product idea

From design to prototyping and marketing, taking your product from an idea to reality is not cheap – and that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Great companies spend anywhere from tens of thousands to millions developing their products and bringing them to market. Unfortunately, for a lone entrepreneur or small team, affording the costs of […]


RIUT backpacks have raised over £400,000 via five crowdfunding campaigns and now sell worldwide.

Mesto – Developing & Crowd Funding

mesto product development

Richard is a D2M Designer who successfully launched his product Mesto on Kickstarter last year. In this post he will explain how he achieved his funding goal and the challenges he faced along the way. I designed Mesto during my final year of study at University, and after a number of design iterations I had a […]

Successfully funded on Kick Starter


Equerry Raised £30, 000 Through the Crowdfunding Platform Kickstarter! While many people pay attention to their image, what they wear and how they look, shining shoes may not top their ‘to do’ list especially in these days of synthetic materials. However, for those who own expensive leather footwear making them look great is usually a priority, […]


Omnio Pushchair INTRODUCTION A multiple award-winning innovative stroller that offers a beautiful aesthetic, ultra-compact folded size and the ability to be carried as a rucksack. Omnio provides parents with the capabilities of a full-size stroller in a convenient and highly compact form. PROCESS Every detail of the design was engineered to reduce the product’s size […]

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